Thursday, November 19, 2009 'Fluffhead' or bust: A journey to see Phish

This won't be a typical review of a Phish concert. But for now, that's all I've got.Phish made a triumphant return to the Motor City on Wednesday night, and rocked a surprisingly not sold-out Cobo Arena...........

ABCNEWS 12(Detroit): Phish gives Cobo another memorable night

Cobo Arena in downtown Detroit has cemented its legacy as the host of more than a half dozen iconic live albums. From The Doors' "Live In Detroit" to the Tragically Hip's "Live Between Us" and Journey's "Captured" and Kiss' "Alive!" and Bob Seger's "Live Bullet," the venue has certainly made its mark in the music industry.

Phish: Stealing Time from the Faulty Plan ~ Cobo Arena Detroit Mi 11/18/09

Royal Oak Daily Tribune: Phish return welcomed by Cobo crowd

The old adage that absence makes the heart grow fonder certainly proved true during Phish's concert Wednesday night at Cobo Arena......

Phish 11/18/2009 Cobo Arena ~ Detroit, MI Official Poster

Ther Daily Loaf: Phish Saves America - Looking back at Phish 8 in Indio, looking forward to Phish New Year

Phish Saves America: Looking back at Phish 8 in Indio, looking forward to Phish New Year’s in Miami..... Phish show at Cobo packs fans in like sardines

The vibe picked up as if it had left off yesterday.
And for many of the 10,500 fans at Wednesday night’s Phish show, it practically had: The near-capacity crowd at Cobo Arena was packed with veteran fans of the jam-rock giant, which reunited earlier this year after half a decade apart.......

Setlist: 11/18/09 Cobo Arena ~ Detroit, MI

Encore: Character Zero

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