Monday, November 30, 2009

Portland, ME Reviews/Local Press Coverage

mrminer: The Maine Event "Crimes of the Mind" for Phish Phish Plays Portland Phish Rocks Portland

wbztv(maine).com: 43 Phish Fans charged At Concert Making the Case ~ Time Turns Elastic (Adam S.)

That’s what they tell us, at least. It was performed with the New York Philharmonic in September of 2009. A video surfaced, Trey playing TTE alone, acoustically. And then there’s the Fenway debut.

Somehow, we find ourselves here in November, a few short months after the song was released, and many Phish fans, not just the next generation, are calling TTE the worst Phish song ever. I hear “Time Turns Molasses.” I hear “Time Turns Craptastic.” I hear “Time… to pee.” But why? Why do so many fans hate this song? Why don’t they see what I do in TTE?

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