Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Phish/DMB Stadium Tour Rumors

Rumor Mill is gaining steam, two message boards interesting viewpoints

Phantasy Phish


Phish 11.24.2009 Wachovia Center - Cities

Phish Syracuse Highlight Video

Phish Syracuse Highlight Reel from keith Adams on Vimeo.

Phish.net: Quiz5 ~ Phishtory @ MSG

Step up to the plate for the fifth fact-heavy quiz, based on the Mockingbird Foundation's setlists collection and compiled by Phish.net volunteer Steve Paolini. This one is all about Madison Square Garden and the band's many appearances there, in preparation for their three-night run there starting tomorrow night.

Jambands.com: Vote for Best Phish-Inspired Poster Art

Phish-related poster art will be the focus of Mock Show: EPIC NYE, an exhibition that will take place at the Epic Hotel in Miami on Wednesday, December 30 from 10AM-3PM. In conjunction with this event, HeadCount and the Mock Show organizers have readied a “Mock Election” to select the best Phish-inspired poster art of 2009. Voting is now underway at Headcount.org in 8 separate categories including: Best Official Phish Print of 2009, Best Hampton Phish Fan Print of 2009 and Best Political Art of 2009. The results will be announced at Mock Show and winners will receive the “coveted Golden Tube.”

The Berkshire Eagle: With ghosts and all, Phish delivers goods

By Jeremy D. Goodwin, Special to the Eagle
     This is a band with a rich history, whose every onstage note has been recorded, circulated widely, and subjected to public debate and analysis among its rabid fans - and, in later years, the mainstream rock press - for over 20 years. So when Phish plays the Times Union Center, as it did Friday and Saturday, there are myriad modes of analyses ready to be applied. How does the show fit into the run of East Coast dates in this current tour? What about compared to other shows played since the band reunited in March for its first shows in 4 1/2 years? Read on....

Hidden Track: Venue Segues ~ The Road to MSG

Maine Public Broadcasting Network: Dozens Facing Drug Charges After Phish Concert

Authorities say 43 people are facing drug charges after Phish's concert Sunday at the Cumberland County Civic Center in Portland. The Maine Drug Enforcement Agency arrested nine concert goers, most from out of state, on charges of trafficking drugs including LSD, heroin and ecstacy.

State police say extra patrols on the Maine Turnpike and in Portland yielded another 13 arrests and 21 additional people charged with various drug violations.

One person was arrested on suspicion of assaulting a Civic Center staffer, according to WMTW-TV. The incident occurred at an outside parking lot where the person was reportedly selling nitrous oxide and was approached by the staffer, the station reports. The staffer was punched but did not have any injuries.

Phish's 26th Birthday is Wednesday

Wednesday night, the first of three shows at Madison Square Garden, will be the 26th anniversary of the band's first gig, 12/2/83. A rapidly expanding movement of fans, originally organized via PhantasyTour, plans to sing Happy Birthday to You to the band as soon as the lights go down and they take the stage. A flyer will be distributed by fans on-site, and you are encouraged to print and distribute copies, as well. (courtesy of phish.net)

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