Sunday, December 6, 2009

Coventry Blog: Snow and Naked Guys in Charlottesville (Phish 12/5/09 Review)

By Kid Dynamite

Show #185. I woke up on the floor of my hotel room in Charlottesville, VA and slowly pieced together the happenings from the previous 24 hours. I recalled how all of this had begun... waking up before sunrise on Saturday morning only a few hours after Phish ended their three night run at MSG in NYC. I hailed a cab on Broadway and my driver was drunk and/or incompetent. He somehow got me to JFK airport in time for my flight to Richmond, VA. I arrived on schedule but my ride did not. The Disco Sisters were delayed from their North Carolina departure. Plus the oldest Disco Sister has a bladder issue (it's small) and they made many unscheduled stops along the way. They were two hours late so I dicked around the airport, wrote, and played online poker. Read on


Video: First Tube 12/04/09 MSG


Video: Ya Mar 12/5/09 John Paul Jones Arena with Naked Guy

Share Phish Fall Tour Wrap Up

Phish Fall Tour 2009 wrapped up last night at John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville, VA. Detroit was less than three weeks ago but lets be honest it feels like the band has grown leaps and bounds since then. I want to break down Fall 2009 into four areas, or rather; there are four specifics I've found that made it so successful and will make go down in history as one of the best Phish Tours ever. Read on


Mr. Miner: A Feature Finale

In the aftermath of their return to MSG, Phish brought their fall tour home in Charlottesville, Virginia last night with one of the dirtiest throw-downs of all, anchored by thick dance grooves, uber-exploratory improv, and cash-money playing all night long. Despite a 15,000 person capacity, John Paul Jones Arena held a distinctly intimate feel after Madison Square Garden’s big city blowout. With a GA floor uniting all the kids for the fall finale, Phish responded with an unforgettable farewell set, albeit only for three weeks. Read on


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