Monday, December 7, 2009

Hidden Track: The Number Line - Fall Tour One-Timers

Welcome to the first of five The Number Line columns looking back at the figures and stats of Phish Fall Tour 2009. Today, we’ll start by listing the one-timers – aka songs the group only played once all tour – at each and every show the band played on their recently completed jaunt.

[Photo by Tim Hara]

Total Songs Played at least once – 144
Total Shows Played – 13
Total One-Timers – 70

Fall Tour 2009 One-Timers:
Detroit: 4 (Horn, Mist, Runaway Jim, Bug)
Cinci 1: 1 (Fast Enough For You)
Cinci 2: 7 (Torn & Frayed, Strange Design, Ginseng Sullivan, Albuquerque, Dirt, If I Could, Sleeping Monkey)
Syracuse: 6 (Beauty Of A Broken heart, Drowned, BBFCM, Tube, Theme From The Bottom, GTBT)
Philly 1: 6 (Bathtub Gin, Camel Walk, The Curtain With, Twenty Years Later, The Mango Song, Simple)
Philly 2: 7 (Sugar Shack, Sleep Again, Train Song, Birds Of A Feather, Farmhouse, Esther, Oh! Sweet Nuthin’)

Video of the Day: Phish 12/12/97 Albany, NY - 2001 Phish 11/27/08 -11/29/08 vs. 11/27/09-11/29/09

Most phans can pinpoint the moment when they transitioned from simple curiosity to hopelessly hooked. The 3-night Worcester run 11/27/98-11/29/98 was that moment for me. As an 18-year-old Phish fan in Massachusetts in 1998, these shows marked the most distinct launching point of my life with Phish, and, as I would later come to realize, played a huge role in what my key interests in life would be the rest of the way. The same can be said for many other people in the same situation who would become my best Phish friends and peers when I went to college a year later.

Share Monday morning coming down...from Saturday's Phish concert [VIDEO]

by Brendan Fitzgerald, December 7th

What a long, strange weekend it's been! First, Feedback catches GWAR bassist Michael Bishop thudding out rhythms as part of Sarah White's new Pearls lineup; then, it's Our American Ann Sisters at Live Arts. Read on


Video: Old Home Place 12/5/09 Soundcheck


CoventryPhishBlog: Fall Tour Reviews

These guys do a fantastic job with their show reviews and real time setlist updates. Take a look. Also, their Phish Oxy Year compilation is worth a download.


Paste: Ten Jam-Band Moments for People Who Hate Jam Bands

There may be no genre more derided than that of the jam band. There also may be no genre less defined. Are any bands who improvise onstage live jam bands? Must their fans smell afoul and have long, unwashed hair? Does incense have to be involved somehow? What about some funky guitar noodling from a white dude with a beard?

Regardless of jam-band music having no real boundaries, haters, as they say, gotta hate. But rest assured, Phishophobics, there’s more to jam bands than you think. Here are 10 Jam Band Moments For People Who Hate Jam Bands. Or, if you will, your gateway drug to the world of the jam. Read on


Audio: The McLovins Live at Revolution Hall on 2009-12-04 SBD Matrix

The McLovins
December 4, 2009
Revolution Hall
Troy, NY

Source: Matrix Mix sbd> R-44 akg393> UA-5 BM2P+> spdif> R-44 DFC center clamped to Balcony
Lineage: wavs> PC> wav editor> r8brain> cdwav> TLH>flac16
Taped by: johnD

**one set**
01. Jam->
02. Caravan-> Jam
03. Killing Time
04. 20 In a 35
05. Virtual Circle
06. Hell Yeah
07. Cissy Strut-> Rapper's Delight
08. Deep Monster Trance


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