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Video: The Oh Kee Pah Ceremony > Golgi Apparatus 2.14.91 Ithaca, NY

Video: Dancing to Phish while taking first step

My niece

Video: The McLovins ~ Harry Hood Philharmonia 2009: Lesh, Weir and Greene

Phil Lesh will host an acoustic show on December 20 in San Francisco. Philharmonia 2009 is being produced by the Unbroken Chain Foundation and will be support of Bay Area Women’s & Children’s Center. Joining Lesh will be Bob Weir, Jackie Greene and other for what will be “an intimate holiday sing-along party.” Tickets, which go on sale today cost $125 plus a new, unwrapped book or game from this Unbroken Chain Wishlist. Venue details will be provided after attendees make their purchase.

Setlist: Furthur 12/11/09 Chevrolet Theatre ~Wallingford, CT

Set I
Shakedown St
Alabama Getaway
Little School Girl
Pride of Cucamonga
Loose Lucy
Music Never Stopped

Set II
China Cat>
Eyes of the World>
Born Cross Eyed>
Dark Star>
Strawberry Fields>
St Stephen>
The Eleven>
Not Fade Away

Going Down the Road Feelin' Bad Why Trey Anastasio is a Musical Genius....

I will start this blog entry by stating that I am biased. I have been listening to Phish since 1994 and seeing them live since 1997. I have an affinity for the band and the members therein that I share with many of you, but not all of you. I have had my experiences and run in with substances in my life, and can appreciate anyone that can accept a challenge as deep rooted as addiction and in the face of it, and with the scrutiny of some of the most voracious fans overcome. Trey Anastasio is an extrovert, he is a not only a genius when it comes to playing the guitar, but as a composer and as the kingpin in one of the most influential bands of the last 20 years he is always overcoming and overacheiveing. There was a time when I was frustrated with Trey for being one of the main causes Phish broke up, but I never placed all of the blame on him. I got a laugh out of the "Trey is Wilson" shirts, and even maybe hated him in some way for taking away something that I loved so much. But in all actuality it takes all members to make a band, and all members to break a band. So my case in point, is simple. We do not know if Trey will remain sober the rest of his life. Anyone who has dealt with addiction knows this is a day to day challenge, further we do not know if a relapse will ruin Phish 3.0 or even effect it at all. Though one can speculate. Read on

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