Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New art exhibit "Another Side of In" at the Boston Children's Museum featuring music from Mike Gordon of Phish opens January 16, 2010

There’s something Phishy going on at the Boston Children’s Museum. The museum yesterday announced a new exhibit that’s a collaboration between Phish bassist Mike Gordon and his mother, visual artist Marjorie Minkin. Called “Another Side of In,’’ the interactive exhibit, which opens Jan. 16, involves sound, light, and movement. According to her website, Minkin created 20 Lexan painted relief sculptures resembling abstract human torsos, and each contains a hidden speaker playing sounds from Gordon’s CD “Inside In.’’ Even better, the sounds are triggered by the movements of visitors. Gordon, whose band played a sold-out show at Fenway Park last summer, is on tour and could not be reached yesterday. Minkin studied philosophy and art at BU and Skidmore, and also has a degree from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts.

Mr. Miner: Moments in a Box - The First Sets of Fall

The first sets of fall didn’t carry much improvisational weight, so when Phish unveiled a jam in the opening frame, it always drew enhanced attention. Providing musical respites from the composition and song-driven stanzas, these pieces often came as the first opportunity to really immerse oneself in all-out Phishiness. Most often sticking to contained exploration, the band rarely took chances during the first half of shows, reserving almost all musical risk for the second. Here, however, are four first-set pieces that did take off into creative wonderlands. Read more

Big Cypress 10yr Anniversary: Bug 12.31.99 Big Cypress (Video)

From the Archives: "Phishers of Men" via 8.21.1999

Young Jews by the thousands follow the Phish tour, looking for God in a haze of mushrooms and acid. A rock 'n' roll rabbi wants to lead them out of mammon into the land of milk and honey. Read on

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