Thursday, June 17, 2010

TheWeekender: Phish digs deep in Hershey [Review]

photo courtesy of Justin Wendt [Hershey '10]

Coming back from the set break, Phish jumped into its more experimental side with a straight-ahead take on the chestnut “Drowned” from The Who’s rock opera “Quadrophenia.” The song set the pace for the ferociousness of the second set, which included a perfect segue into the always-enjoyable “Tweezer.” With most of the show taking from Phish’ ’80s and ’90s catalogues, by the next cut, a tight “Twist” from 2000’s ‘Farmhouse,” it was clear to see the band wanted to give fans a taste of all of its albums — but it was the older material that ultimately took control of the night.

With some leadership from Gordon, “Piper” beautifully ran into a funky version of “Free,” which showcased drummer Jon Fishman’s tight grooves. “Wading in the Velvet Sea” brought some much-deserved attention to keyboardist Page McConnell, who was mostly quiet throughout earlier proceedings. Judging from the sound of the second set, and watching the prior two nights setlists, it was almost understood there was going to be some inclusion of the epic crowd favorite “You Enjoy Myself.” True to form, the band put in an exploratory 18-minute version, complete with some funky jamming, the legendary trampoline jumping of Anastasio and Gordon — something everyone needs to see — and a spacey vocal jam which also brought on one of the best light shows of the evening.


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