Monday, October 4, 2010

Dog Gone Blog: The Riverport Gin


Sam Davis of Dog Gone Blog takes a look at one of the defining Bathtub Gin's of 1998; the "Riverport Gin"

The “Riverport Gin” landed in the opener position and treated fans to an extended jam right from the outset. Following the composed section, Trey quickly begins to latch onto some melodic lines that seem to effortlessly glide over the groove. The jam takes on a soaring, “Went-like” quality, but eventually Mike begins to slightly alter his phrasing, hinting at a new direction. It takes little time for the other members to jump-on, and before we know it, we’re riding the rails of a charging funk train. The transition is so smooth its as if the jam was charted out; as though there are no wrong notes to be played.


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  1. Hey!! Just a question, is that picture from any movie?? Could you tell from which?


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