Sunday, December 5, 2010

Setlist: Jake and Brendan’s 8th Annual Acoustic Christmas Show 12.4.2010 Park West ~ Chicago, IL

photo courtesy of abby fox

One Set: Happy Christmas$#, Sweetness* > Passing, Resolution&, Bell Bottom Blues, Turn and Dub^, A Second^@, Nothing Too Fancy^ > Mellow Mood#^, Morning Song**, Christmas Time is Here**, Jealous Guy**, Bad Poker^, Great American^%+ > Susanah^%+! > Great American^%+, Dirty Old Town^^%+^%%, End Of The Road^+, "Rocking chair speaks slowly as Sinatra sings the blues?"&&^!!, Teach Your Children^@@, Bullhead City^@@, In the Kitchen^

Encore: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas@@, Apeman, Dirty Work$$**

$ With the Kids Choir
# Jake on Bass
* Over The Hills and Far Away teases
& Carol of the Bells and Deck the Halls teases
^ Andy Farag on perc/drums
@ Karl Engleman cover
** Brendan on piano
% Allie Krall on fiddle
+ Mike Rackey on steel pedal
! Barry Brown on piano
^^ The Pogues cover
%% Brendan on mandolin
&& Jake on piano
!! Brendan on bass
@@ Michelle Hallman on vocals
$$ Jen Hartswick on trumpet, Ryan Stasik on bass

setlist is unconfirmed and may be incomplete

The Floor
Hidden Track

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Bullhead City



  1. You're a lifesaver. I'm trying to write a review and I didn't take any notes. This is great!

  2. The correct name is Michelle Hallman

  3. the unknown song is an old ali babas tahini song, watch the video of jake playing the piano on umphrey's blog, he explains at the end.


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