Friday, January 8, 2010 Where We Live: Empire Polo Field - Indio, CA

By Ted Maider

Southern California is already a dream (to some). People flock there regularly to go on epic quests of self-discovery, enjoy the perfect weather, and see the unique scenery. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that such a beautiful venue like the Empire Polo Field could ever exist. Anybody who knows what a music festival is has most likely heard of Coachella, the alternative music festival held annually for the past 10 years on these grounds, which attracts a whopping 60,000 people every year. There is also the Stagecoach Music Festival, catering to the masses of country music fans of the nation. Most recently, the Vermont jam quartet Phish held Festival 8, which brought bedazzled hippies from all over the world. But in the off season? Rich people hit balls while on horseback.

The Empire Polo Field is located in Indio, California, which is practically Nevada. While it is only a couple hours away from Los Angeles, the scenic atmosphere takes a drastic change as you move further inland. Everything becomes dustier and much hotter. Parking at this place is like being in a desert storm, sometimes complete with people having to cover their faces so as not to breathe in all the crap being blown around. On top of that, horses are everywhere (as it is a polo field), and this is made obvious by the many stables you will pass. Read more

Video: Phil Lesh and Friends 4/15/99 (98 minutes)

Phil Lesh and Friends 4-15-1999 featuring Trey Anastasio and Page of Phish from gigpedia on Vimeo.

Viola Lee Blues 32:51
Big Rail Road Blues 7:16
Row Jimmy 8:06
Shakedown Street > Wheel > Not Fade Away 43:06
Mr. Tambourine Man 7:06

Band Info:

Phil Lesh (bass)
Steve Kimock (guitar)
John Molo (drums)
Trey Anastasio (guitar)
Page McConnell (keyboards) Not All in Mill Valley Grateful for Deadheads

Grateful Dead fans from across the country are in Mill Valley this weekend to attend a series of live rehearsal sessions by two surviving band members but not everyone is dancing in the streets over the deluge of Deadheads.

Locals Bob Weir and Phil Lesh formed a new group called Further. They performed all this week at the Masonic Hall and the Throckmorton Theater to get ready for a nationwide tour that sold out for local venues long ago.

Deadheads couldn't be happier and business owners love the extra people around town. They're even increasing hours and making a better profit thanks to the infulx of fans. But some residents complain Deadheads are smoking pot, getting into fights, using private property as restrooms and stealing from stores.Police have ramped up, patrols in the area as a result of the complaints and fear of disturbances. Read more New Initiative to Regulate Pot Use Filed in Nevada

A new initiative to tax and regulate adult use of marijuana in Nevada by licensing retail stores and growers was filed Wednesday with the secretary of state's office.Nevadans for Sensible Marijuana Laws will need to gather 97,002 signatures to send the measure to the 2011 Legislature. If lawmakers fail to act, it would be placed on the 2012 ballot.It will be the fourth attempt in the last decade to legalize marijuana in the state.David Schwartz, manager of the campaign, said the group will focus on its claims that marijuana use is safer than alcohol.
"We will encourage voters to consider this fact and decide for themselves whether it makes sense to allow adults to use alcohol freely, but punish them if they choose to use a less harmful substance, marijuana," Schwartz said.The measure would limit the number of retail stores to 120 statewide, with numbers determined locally by population, Schwartz said. Store operators would pay a $2,500 licensing fee, according to the initiative.
Additionally, Schwartz said "cultivators" would be limited to 50 and that they would have to pay a $5,000 licensing fee and collect a tax at the wholesale level of $50 per ounce. It also would allow personal possession of up to 1 ounce. Read more

Video: Umphrey's McGee "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" 12/31/09 Chicago, IL

Live Rehearsal Setlist: Furthur 1.7.10 142 Throckmorton ~ Mill Valley, California

One Set: Cumberland Blues (bw), Doin' That Rag (jk), Tennessee Jed (bw), The Wheel (jk), No More Do I (jk), He's Gone (pl/bw/jk), Built to Last, Peaceful Valley (Ryan Adams song - JK), Morning Dew (jk), Satisfaction (bw)

Video: The Muppets' Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem cover Llama by Phish

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