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Video: Umphrey's McGee "Muscle Shoals Nitty Gritty" 3.5.2009

Umphrey's McGee's first live performance of Herbie Mann's "Muscle Shoals Nitty Gritty;" 3.5.2009, WorkPlay Theater, Birmingham, AL

Video: Furthur 2.18.2010 "Feel Like a Stranger"

Furthur Manchester NH 2-18-10 Feel like a stranger , this was the opener ~ great show

Video: Furthur 2.19.2010 "Friend of the Devil"

Video: 9.12.2009 Trey Anastasio and New York Philharmonic "You Enjoy Myself"

Video: Trey Anastasio Band "First Tube" 2.18.10 Pabst Theater (HD)

First Tube, Trey Anastasio Band, Pabst Theater Milwaukee, WI

TimeOutChicago: "Trey Anastasio at Riviera Theatre" Photo gallery, setlist and review

By Will Rice
Trey spent much of the night orchestrating the band and the crowd. He used a number of hand signals, head nods or even just a smile to conduct the band and relied on his guitar to keep the audience moving. During “Alive Again” as he belted out the lyrics, “the time has come for you to be alive again!” the sold-out Riviera came alive. The audience screamed as they sang along, cheering and dancing in every corner of the theatre. At the end of the first set the other six members of the band left the stage and Trey treated the crowd to a four song acoustic set. It quickly turned in to a giant sing-along as he played the Phish songs, “Brian & Robert,” “Driver,” “Sample in a Jar” and ending with the entire theater screaming back and forth for “Wilson” as Trey played the song of that name.

Other than the acoustic set Trey spent most of the night bouncing left and right on the octagon shaped rug that has been touring with the band. His hair bounced as he hopped around grinning and making faces to the crowd. Anastasio gave all the members of the band their chance to jam but never missing a chance to join in and move the songs forward. This was never more prevalent than during “Mr. Completely,” whichfeatured solos from the different musicians playing the flute, keyboard, trombone, alto saxophone and ended when Trey began rocking out a very loud and long solo on the six-string. When he wasn’t singing, Anastasio stayed off of the mic and unlike a typical Phish show the band never wandered too far from the roots of the song during its jams.

Setlist: Furthur 2.20.2010 Utica Auditorium ~ Utica, NY

Set One: Good Morning Little School Girl > Promised Land, Cumberland Blues, Ramble on Rose, Foolish Heart, Reuben and Cherise, Dear Prudence, Satisfaction

Set Two: China Cat Sunflower > The Wheel > I Know You Rider, Magnolia Mountain, Unbroken Chain, Comes A Time, Goin Down the Road Feelin Bad, Touch of Grey, And We Bid You Goodnight

Encore: One More Saturday Night

Video: Furthur 2.18.2010 "Deal"

John Kadlecik singing "Deal" with Furthur at The Verizon Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire on February 18th, 2010

Video: Furthur 2.18.2010 "Truckin"

Furthur live in Manchester, NH on February 18th, 2010

Video: Furthur 2.18.2010 "Money for Gasoline"

Furthur's rendition of this great Ratdog song.

Video: Furthur 2.18.2010 "Sugaree"

Furthur live in Manchester, NH on February 18th, 2010 Trey Anastasio at Pabst Theater (Review)

By Jacob Schneider

Pulling from the same pool of songs he’s played on other stops of this tour, which comes on the heels of Phish’s successful comeback in 2009, Anastasio stayed on point for most of the night, deviating only for the first set closer, where he performed a solo acoustic medley of Phish songs like “Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan” and “Bathtub Gin.”

But for the most part, the band stayed in its comfort zone, taking only a handful of opportunities to embark on extended noodling, never digressing into the kind of extended super jams that leave you wondering, “Wait, what song was this again?” Perhaps the funkiest excursion of the night, “Sand” started off as a rolling baseline groove that eventually developed into series of continuous climaxes built on the frenetic energy teased by Anastasio’s guitar.

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Setlist: Furthur 2.19.2010 Mullins Center ~ Amherst, MA

Set 1: Jam > Not Fade Away > Althea > All New Minglewood Blues, Dire Wolf, Friend of the Devil, Cassidy, Casey Jones

Set 2: Lost Sailor > Saint of Circumstance, New Speedway Boogie > Drums > King Solomon's Marbles, Caution (Do Not Step On Tracks > Dark Star> The Other One > Let It Grow > Not Fade Away

Encore: Knockin' On Heaven's Door

TAB West Coast Tour 2010

In a interview with Jennifer Hartswick tells Randy Ray TAB will be out west later this year.

RR: Are there plans for more TAB dates later on in the year?

JH: Can I plead the 5th? No, just kidding. (laughs) There’s some talk of, certainly, some stuff later on in the year, for sure. We’re all so excited about how the band sounds that there is no way that we’re going to do one tour and stop.

RR: Yes, I hope TAB comes out to the West Coast, too.

JH: Yeah, we definitely will by the end of the year. We’ll certainly be out there.

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