Friday, March 5, 2010

Video: Phish "Fluffhead" Hampton Spaceship March 6, 2009

HiddenTrack: Umphrey’s McGee at the Nokia (Review)

The Hydra known as Umphrey’s McGee carved its way through the Northeast this past weekend, leaving a path of sonic destruction in its wake. For those who are unfamiliar with Greek mythology, the Lernaean Hydra was a 9 headed beast that Heracles had to slay as his second of twelve labors. In 2010, I don’t think the son of Zeus would stand a chance if he had to contend with the increasingly mythic Umphrey’s McGee.

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TellurideDailyPlanet: "Mark your calendars Phish" Arts board puts jam band on official list

Phish is on the calendar. Telluride’s arts board approved putting the jam band on the arts calendar for Aug. 9 and 10.

The arts and culture board, CCAASE, handles the scheduling for the town, so that no two major festivals are booked on the same weekend.

The band would play for 9,000 people, said Craig Ferguson, the organizer of the Telluride Bluegrass Festival. He’s working with Phish’s promoter, AEG Live, on bringing the band here.

If 9,000 people show up, that would make the Phish concert one of the biggest events of the summer, up there with Bluegrass and Blues and Brews. Phish-less Gordon at Sherman on Sunday

PR: What's the best thing about performing live as opposed to in a studio?

MG: Reaching nirvana. Not that it can't happen in the studio, but there is something about live music. The tape is rolling in the studio and something happens to the brain that it's not just this moment in time that matters. Some of my most incredible music experiences have to do with that moment. The funny thing about music and film is it requires the passing of time. That's what's great about the live experience. You have to let go of each passing moment, and that makes it incredible. You get the ride of the lifetime when its working right. I'm a collector, and it takes a real leap for someone with that kind of personality to enjoy music.

PR: How does playing solo differ from playing with a group?

MG: I am playing with the group. It's a five-piece band. Playing solo with that group is different than playing with Phish. We have 27 years of experience together. With my own band, I don't have as many years of chemistry, but that's what makes it exciting. It's something new to be discovered. There are different songwriters in the band. Unlike Phish, I get to sing most of the songs. There hasn't been too many times I played completely solo. I have a lot of admiration for people that can do that. I would like to try more. The thing about playing in a group is it's like getting the telepathy going. A solo artist doesn't get that.

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