Sunday, April 4, 2010

Video: Phish 11.29.97 "Simple" Worcester, MA

"What is a band without skyscraper?"


TellurideDailyPlanet: The agony and ecstasy of the Phish line

Even people who aren’t die-hard Phish fans turned out, and from them you could tell that Phish was about to drift into Telluride lore as the kind of thing you felt like you had to be a part of — simply because it was big and all the town seemed to be doing it. Tom and Elaine Schroedl showed up mid-morning Friday, even though they haven’t heard much Phish. But they gave them a listen the other day.

“It sounded good, kinda jazzy,” Elaine said. “We like jazz. We like music.”


Video: Phish "Rift" Promo 1993

Phish Rift Promo by Elektra. Sent to College Radio Stations, Record Stores etc. to promote new album.


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