Tuesday, April 6, 2010

TheIndependent: They've had the wedding, now read the book

There will also be several amusing subplots in Hard to Hold, mostly related Mike's obsession with the rock band Phish: he's seen a total of 191 of their gigs (attending about 10 of their concerts each summer). Three days before his wedding, he flew to Colorado to watch the band perform. "The Phish thing," Anne wryly noted when the couple's story first appeared in The New York Times, "is far and away something more we have to negotiate than the Tourette's."


Video: Phish 11.29.97 "Runaway Jim" Worcester, MA [The "hour" long Jim]

Can you imagine if this was your first show?

Video: Phish 11.29.97 "Saw It Again -- Horn"

from Worcester, MA


Video: Phish 11.29.97 "The Sloth -- Ginseng Sullivan"

 from Worcester, MA


Video: Phish 10.31.89 "Bathtub Gin" Plainfield, VT

Phish playing their song Bathtub Gin at a Halloween show at Goddard College. (10/31/1989 Plainfield, VT)  The complete show was was broadcasted on Burlington Public TV in the 80's.


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