Thursday, April 8, 2010 Marco Benevento, Break Science & Alex B Join Phish At Telluride

After months of speculation, Phish recently announced a summer tour which includes a two night stint at Telluride Town Park in Telluride, CO on August 9-10. Marco Benevento, Break Science and Alex B will be joining the band in Telluride for a number of special post-Phish performances on the same dates.

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ohkeepahblog: "Recommended Download" Phish 6.17.04 "Moma Dance > Free" Keyspan Park

This first set combo from the summer of 2004 got this epic tour of to a energetic and creative start. A stellar "Moma Dance" bubbling with confidence melts into an psychedelic layered industrial groove jam. This segues into an extended Free featuring some great interplay between Trey and Mike. Mike's "meatball" tone is just ridiculously  upfront and crunchy. 2004 is often disregarded and given a bad  rap due to Vegas and Coventry. I challenge you to find a better Phish 3.0 version of these two songs.

Source: 92.1 FM The Bunny(From The Archives w/ Kevin Shapiro) > DAT

Taped by Will Hermann and seeded by Ian Stone

Moma Dance > Free

DogGoneBlog: Sneakin' Sally

Ever since the late 80’s, “Sneakin’ Sally” has played a prominent role in Phish’s career. The song was written by New Orleans native Allan Toussant (also the writer of “On Your Way Down” along with many other classics), and first appeared on Robert Palmer’s 1974 debut album by the same name. This is common knowledge to most. However, what is less-commonly known is that on the recording, Palmer is backed by Lowell George (from Little Feat) and The Meters. When the album was released it did not include liner notes, and thus, no one really knew who was behind this great music. The truth is, Robert Palmer was like a “pet” to Lowell George. He saw the potential in him, and with the help of The Meters, allowed Palmer’s voice to shine brightly, propelling him to great stardom. I grew up on this record, and songs like “Hey Julia” as well as his version of “Sailin’ Shoes” are very dear to me. Robert Palmer was, and will always be, a voice of pure soul.

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Video: Phish 7.29.03 "Crosseyed and Painless" Post Gazette Pavilion At Star Lake ~ Burgettstown, PA

Post Gazette Pavilion At Star Lake, Burgettstown, PA


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