Tuesday, April 27, 2010

consequenceofsound: Phish 3D – “Maze” [Audio]


This coming Friday (Apr. 30th) will see the national release of Phish 3D, a brand new, two-hour film featuring 3D footage from last year’s Phish Festival 8. In celebration of the release, we’ll be using the next five days to premiere studio quality mixes from the film. Yesterday, we offered a recording of Phish’s “Back On The Train”. For song #2, we present you with “Maze”. You can stream/download the track below.

Check out consequenceofsound for the audio stream/download

Video: Trey Anastasio Band "First Tube" 2.20.2010 State Theatre ~ Minneapolis, MN


GlowStickWarsBlog: Show sticks pre-sale deadline approaching…

I think we all knew that $5.99 tubes of Show Sticks wouldn’t last forever. But they will last just a little while longer. May 15th, 2010 will be the last day to pre-order your tube of 100 Show Sticks at the special price of $5.99. We’re trying to keep the price as low as possible moving forward, but there will definitely be a significant increase after the pre-sale period is over. I.e. if you were planning on getting a bunch of sticks for the upcoming tours and/or festies – get on that!

If you need some additional motivation, consider this:

With every tube you purchase, you are entered into a draw to win 2 tickets to Bonnaroo. If you buy 2, 5 or 10 tubes, you’ll be entered 2, 5 or 10 times. More tubes = more chances to win.
A portion of every dollar you spend on Show Sticks is donated to The Mockingbird Foundation to help them continue their quest to fund music education for children across the nation.
The ‘per-tube’ shipping cost gets better and better if you buy in volume. So, grab a few buddies and get ready to make it rain this summer!

Video: Phish "Tube" 6.24.04 Deer Creek ~ Noblesville, IN


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