Wednesday, April 28, 2010

consequenceofsound: Phish 3D – “Sleep Again” [Audio]

This coming Friday (Apr. 30th) will see the national release of Phish 3D, a brand new, two-hour film featuring 3D footage from last year’s Phish Festival 8. In celebration of the release, we’ll be using the next five days to premiere studio quality mixes from the film. So far, we’ve offered recordings of “Back On The Train” and “Maze”. For song #3, we present you with the band’s version of “Sleep Again”, which of course was originally released on frontman Trey Anastasio’s 2005 solo album Shine.

Check out consequenceofsound for the audio stream/download Umphrey's McGee - UMBowl 4.24.10 Chicago [Review]

The best live bands find a way to play so that any guy off the street can get sucked in, but they build a fan base with kick-downs that only obsessives will fully appreciate. Umphrey's McGee is adept at both tactics, but lately the band has been catering whole shows exclusively to the diehards. On paper, UMBowl is a test of whether four sets of gimmicks can sustain interest and musical prowess. However, as executed, it's an irresistible forum for band/audience communication that's virtually unrivaled.

Read the full review at Jambase and be sure to check out Tammy Wetzel's photo gallery.

Video: Phish " Timber (Jerry)" 6.24.04 Deer Creek ~ Noblesville, IN


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