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Phish "Fuck Your Face"


variety: Phish 3D Review by Andrew Barker

If ever there were a concert pic that didn't need 3D to create an immersive theatrical experience, it's "Phish 3D," as all the dancing, toking and glowstick-throwing on stereoscopic display are likely to be rivaled by the same activity in the theater for this one-week engagement. With music that should thrill the faithful and gradually wear down the resolve of the dubious, the band is in top form throughout, though unimaginative camerawork and an exceptionally narrow focus prevent pic from being any more than a consolation prize to fans who missed seeing the show in person.

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ohkeepahblog: Thoughts on "Phish 3D"

     I walked in to Phish3D with anticipation of a Phish "show" in a movie theater and that was exactly what was delivered. I was pretty pleased and did not walk away with too many negatives, if any. There has been a lot of chatter about the quick editing, choppy annoying shots, and a lack of "larger" feel. After viewing the film I feel the gripes have been a little overplayed. If your familiar with the "IT" or "Live in Brooklyn" DVD releases the editing is pretty much on par with those.  As expected Trey dominates the camera, but on a positive note each song showcased a different band member and this was a great way to allow their diversity to shine. Fishman getting the spotlight during "Faulty Plan", "Undermind" allowed Page to be showcased, Mike had his "Mike's" and so on.

     Except for "Undermind" which had some of the best full stage shots, I preferred the close up shots to the distance shots. I enjoyed being able to see the picks on the mic stands, the shape of Page's head, what kind of shoes the band wears, and the evolution of Mike's wardrobe. (He's pretty classy these days) I was able to watch the film in a "state of the art" theater with "state of the art" sound. I would pay fifteen dollars just to listen to a show on that sound system for three hours with my eyes closed. It felt mixed as to the live setting, with your seat location influencing who is higher in the mix.

     The "Tweezer" intro was wonderfully caught on film. I felt like I was tenth row with Kuroda's dark side creeping in, Page's organ swirling around my head, Trey bobbin in and out of Fishman's rhythms and Mike's bass crunching on my neck. Another personal highlight was Fishman getting down hard during "Faulty Time". This was so satisfying to watch as nothing brings me more joy then watching these guys enjoy themselves so much on stage, it was not always like that. The backstage footage was a real treat and I can only imagine the DVD release will contains loads of bonus footage. My only real complaint was the topless chick tease. I really wish they had panned a close-up frontal as one can only wonder about titties in 3D. Had I not been with my wife I am pretty sure I would've treated myself to a second helping and stayed for the second viewing.

consequenceofsound: Phish 3D – “Mike's Song” [Audio]

This weekend sees the national release of Phish 3D, a brand new, two-hour film featuring 3D footage from last year’s Phish Festival 8. In celebration of the release, we have been premiering studio quality mixes from the film all week long. (For a refresher, please review the sound board quality recordings of “Back On The Train”, “Maze”, “Sleep Again”, and “AC/DC Bag”.) For the fifth and final song, we present you with one of Phish’s most familiar live staples, a track that has been performed live 378 times. We’re of course talking about “Mike’s Song”.

After listening to “Mike’s Song” as well as the other four tracks, be sure to see Phish 3D in theaters this weekend. A complete list of screening theaters can be found here. Remember though, the film is limited to a one week run, so be sure to catch it while you can.
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Video: Phish 5.23.00 "Train Song" Roseland Ballroom ~ New York, NY


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