Monday, May 3, 2010 Phish 3D Review by Andy Odom

Filmed last Halloween at the band’s three-day extravaganza called Festival 8, Phish 3D is arranged like a typical Phish show. Its run-time of 135 minutes even approximates the length of a typical Phish concert. The focus is on the band performing for the entire film, and little else. And, given the band’s dependence on long jams which sometimes extend onwards of 15 minutes or so, it’s for fans – or, phans – only.

It’s a shame really, because the film could have helped explain the Phish phenomenon. They’re still a largely underground band but are continuously a top concert draw every year. However, instead of learning about their numerous three-day, one-band festivals or what makes them tick as an ensemble, we see no more than 3 minutes of back stage footage or crowd montages on the fairgrounds. Is that a ferris wheel in the background? Eh, nevermind. It’s assumed that if you paid to get into the theater to watch this, you already get Phish. Phish 3D is about the music and is only concerned with recreating a concert experience.

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Video: Phish "Sugar Shack" 6.7.2009 Susquehanna Bank Center ~ Camden, NJ


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