Friday, May 7, 2010 Schmoes and Phish-heads [Phish 3D Review]

A trio of blitzed kids sat behind us and seemed confused as to what was happening; one lone balls tripper boogied discreetly in front of the emergency exit, then lay on the floor of the first row as though it were 2001: A Space Odyssey (apparently, the “sensation” of being onstage with Phish wasn’t enough); and three frat boys who arrived 40 minutes late stole my seat when I left to use the bathroom.

That’s as close to a real Phish concert as I want to get.


ohkeepahblog: Top Ten Jams of 2009 - An Alternative Video List

An alternative list for your listening and viewing pleasure. Based off of my own iTunes stats and nothing more, just my opinion. Flame away and enjoy your weekend. 

1. Red Rocks "Tweezer" 
In my most humble modest opinion this is simply the best jam of 2009. Fantastic band interaction. Be sure to enjoy this tastey multicam source with your headphones on and watch the expressions on Trey's face.

2. Merriweather "46 Days"
 I'm one of the few that felt this show was a highlight of the summer. The band broke out a creative setlist for those of us who had been on the road for the last few shows. Busting out the first Sloth and Ha Ha Ha of Phish 3.0, and the world debut of Party Time. The 46 Days is absolute soul-wrencching guitar work. This jam brought me to tears that night, and it melts so smoothly into Oh Sweet Nothing.

3. Miami "On the Train"
Cactus takes this one out of the box almost immedietly, improvising on his bass lines four minutes into the song. What develops is the most unpredictable jam out of the most unpredictable song. Will this turn "Get Back on the Train" into a jam vehicle in 2010?

4. SPAC "Number Line"
As Summer Tour progressed the "Number Line" jams stretched out into some gorgeous open playing. Having caught the mind bending Toyota Park version just a week before I was ectastic when this opened the second set of the tour closer in Saratoga. Dark reflective playing works into some interesting "space" before the transition into "Twenty Years Later"

5. Gorge "Bathtub Gin"
The Best Gin of 09. The first part of the jam comes roaring out of the framework with lots of energy reminiscent of the Gin's from 2000. They eventually find themselves teasing the Grateful Dead's Cold, Rain, and Snow and using it  as a transition into the next part of the jam that turns to the psychedelic dark side. The video below was the best I could find, it seems to show snippets of jams highlights.

6. Albany "7 Below"
Easily some of my favorite jamming of 2009 and some super killer video courtesy of pryan. Check out his youtube channel for the complete show. The jam works it way through some type- II valleys before pushing into some orgasmic melodic playing from Trey in part 3, it's glorious bliss.

7. Albany "Ghost"
Whatever territory that wasn't covered in the Seven Below  before this Ghost was definitely covered during the Ghost. A playful funk groove develops quickly to the bands own amazement. Some "Seven Below" teases work there way in before this jam heads of on another type-II voyage. Kuroda adds the perfect landscapes as the jam progresses.

8. Camden "Sand"
The first real jam of "2009". Too bad it had to take place in New Jersey.

9. Shoreline "Down with Disease"
The darkest jam of 2009. This almost touches on the jamming styles of 2004.

10. Camden "Fee"
For some reason this Fee gets neglected from any of the  "best of" lists focusing on 2009. Maybe it's the reward for the flubbed lyrics but a nice piece of improv begins to develop at the five minute mark. Short but sweet this is a highlight of the first leg of summer tour. Wonderful soulful licks from Trey, I really enjoy his tone here. I know "Dead" comparisons are not well received but this jam reminds me of some of the jams the Dead would play out of Terrapin Station in the late 80's early 90's.


JiggsLotBlog: "Light 2009" Phish Compilation

I am very happy to announce the arrival of Light 2009, a comprehensive Phish compilation spanning all of 2009. Totaling 10 disks in all, each disk was painstakingly mixed as if it were an entire set, with crowd noise completing the illusion. Those of you who enjoyed ChickenCrab's Phish Destroys America will find this a must-download.

MP3's are up now, the FLAC's and printable artwork will be finished uploading in about a day or so. So check back for updates to the links below.

See the complete track-listing and download link here

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