Saturday, May 8, 2010

Contest: Win a Two Night Travel Package for Phish at Alpine Valley ~ August 14-15, 2010 [This Week On Lot]

The kind folks that bring us the "This Week On Lot" Podcast has teamed up with "Consider It Dan Entertainment" to offer up a pretty cool contest to win a travel package for Phish's two-night stand at Alpine Valley Music Theater in East Troy, WI. The package includes lodging, shuttles to and from the show, t-shirts, and Live Phish downloads for each night. Plus, you get to choose from 2 dank hotels, the Timber Ridge Lodge or the Grand Geneva Hotel. Please keep in mind, this does not include tickets to the show but as of this morning over 17,000 lawn tickets remain for Saturday and over 20,000 for Sunday. If you wish to wook it out, last year a slew of "miracles" were available.

Contest Details:
How do you win? We want to hear a good lot story. Anything and everything goes. Phish lot, Dead lot, hell . . . even DMB lot. It can be about a good time with your boys, how you made bank selling grilled cheese, how you met your significant other on tour, or how you scored a ride home from a stranger. To make things interesting, we are giving you 3 ways to enter, and you can enter each way. (that’s 3 chances to win, different stories of course).

You can enter via:
1) Comment on this post. Just leave a comment with your story, we will read on the air if it grabs our attention.

2) Voice mail. You know the number; 419-NO-WOOKS. Call us and leave you story in audio form. Of course we will play on the air.

3) Email. Send an email with your story. Again, if you make it on the air, that’s a good sign.

To enter the contest and for a complete disclosure, on rules, regulations, and legal obligations please visit ThisWeekOnLot

Also, be sure to subscribe to their podcast on itunes.


Video: Phish "Chalkdust Torture Reprise Jam" 7.11.00 ~ Deer Creek


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