Sunday, May 9, 2010

HiddenTrack: The B List - Memorable UMBowl Moments

3. Muffburger I & II

Oh it’s a common tale. Band forms in college, band picks ridiculous name, frontman starts writing songs about vagina which was a big hit at the bars they played and then all of a sudden before they know it, they’ve gotten big and start re-examining some things they did.

Well, it’s too late to change the name of the band – that sucks – but they can always drop songs from their repertoire that they think they’ve progressed beyond. It happens with a lot of bands and UM is no exception, having dropped a number of their older originals like first-period French. But over the past couple of years, the band has been sucking it up and playing a number of the most requested originals including Baby Honey Sugar Darling and Mamu. Well, Muffburger Sandwhich AND Muff II: The Revenge were on the ballot for Q3 and the band played both of them showing little signs of rust or dust. I wouldn’t cross your fingers that you will see them again anytime soon though, but you never know.

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