Monday, May 10, 2010

Video: Bob Weir "The National Anthem" 5.7.2010 Celtics/Cavs Game 3 ~ Boston, MA

Bob Weir sings the national anthem before game 3 of the Celtics-Cavaliers NBA Eastern Conference Semi-final series. Recorded with my iPhone at the TD Garden in Boston, MA on May 7th, 2010. Phish takes on the big screen

The 3-D effects complement the concert-film genre perfectly. The added depth gives the viewer the vantage point of a fly buzzing around the stage, gracefully zooming past Trey Anastasio’s guitar neck, around Jon Fishman’s shimmering cymbals and through the audience. Beach balls and balloons float out of the screen, and Chris Kuroda’s dazzling light show becomes an enveloping spectacle of its own. It’s an experience that ought to leave viewers wondering why all concert films aren’t shot in 3-D. 30db "One Man Show" [CD Review]

As a band, 30db has a big, wide-ranging sound: Dickinson drives “Automatic” like a young and feisty Mick Fleetwood, while he and Thorin lay down a hyper-Diddley foundation on “One More,” rocking out while guitars chug, wah, and wail. The whole band lets loose on “Grave,” letting the ass end fishtail wide on the turns and ducking into the slipstream of Forster’s screaming slide work on the straight stretches. Bayliss and Austin complement each other well: the former is the master of the smooth vocal melody that soars over simmering chord changes. (The way the verses glide into the chorus on the title track? That’s textbook Bayliss for you.) His guitar work is all over the album, from fender-bender duels with Forester on the stompers to lovely weaves with Austin’s mando on the more acoustic-based tunes.


Video: Umphrey's McGee "Ain't Nuthin' But a GThang" 12.13.02


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