Monday, June 7, 2010 Umphrey’s McGee’s “1348″ Launching in Rock Band This Week

Umphrey’s McGee will be launching their song “1348″ on the Rock Band Network this week. This marks the first release by the band in any video game, and the progressive-rock influenced music proves to be a great fit.

Umphreys McGee has been working with former Harmonix Music Systems employee and current Rock Band Network freelancer Andrew Buch. Buch is working on several songs for the program, including 1348 and Miss Tinkles Overture.” “1348″ is the first of these songs to be made available, with plans for others to follow shortly.

“1348″ is scheduled to release on Wednesday or Thursday of this week, and will be available to be purchased in Rock Band 2 on the XBOX 360 via the newly implemented Rock Band Network Store. It will additionally be available to purchase via the XBOX Live Marketplace.
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JiggsLotBlog: Children of all Ages

We are raising a second and third generation of Phish fans. The fanbase as a whole is growing older, and that means a fanbase with a much more varied age. I am extremely thankful that a new generation of fans that were my son’s age during the hiatus is now able to finally experience this music in a live setting. There is really nothing like sharing something you love. I would never endorse breastfeeding an infant a few feet away from Fishman’s riser, but taking the right precautions for a show here and there can make for great memories of summer vacation. Grant families at Phish a wide berth if you must, but also grant them the respect of a fellow fan.

A nice write-up from the folks over at Jiggs Lot. As the father of an 8 year old I've looked forward to the opportunity to share a Phish show with my daughter for some time. She was conveniently born during the first hiatus and I was never comfortable with the scene during Phish 2.0 to make it happen then. At this point I will only allow her to attend outdoor shows and indoor shows that won't happen until she is at least 16. Her first show will be this summer in August at Alpine Valley.



HiddenTrack: YEMblog Unveils Pre-Tour Goodies

To get us even more pumped for tour, YEMblog has dipped into their private stash to share a PRE-FM source of the Bonnaroo From The Archives shows from last June. Do yourself a favor and check out these crispy crispy FLAC's, MP3s and AACs.
This afternoon you’ll finally get to hear gems such as the famed Radio City Ghost, After Midnight from Big Cypress and the St. Louis ‘94 Tweezer the way they were meant to be heard. These files are the real deal and while info on source is limited to “Pre-FM”, rest assured this is the definitive recording of the Bonnaroo FTA shows. Today, YEMblog has posted links to file sets featuring the V0 MP3s, AACs and FLACs of the June 12, 2009 From The Archives broadcast for your listening pleasure with a promise of the second broadcast to come later this week.

After listening to the Radio City Ghost six times we’re blown away by all the little details you pick up from this crisp recording as opposed to the other sources that have circulated in the past. The same can be said for the scorching After Midnight segment. It’s been quite some time since a recording of this nature has come down the pike, so be sure to download the files in your favorite format and clear your schedule for a bit because this is some “must-hear” goodness.

Head on over to Hidden Track for the complete lowdown and track listing. Be sure to check out our friends at YEMblog for the links.

Dog Gone Blog: Something in the Air

I'm a enormous supporter of this Chalkdust. In fact, there was a time in my life when I listened to it daily. The Tweezer from the same show is also one of my favorite versions. The Fee from '09 is easily my favorite jam from the first leg of the tour, lovely silky stuff.

The 7.10.99 performance is famous for the mind-blowing version of “Chalkdust” that Trey has referred to as one of the best Phish jams that ever took place. It was clear to all from the first note that the band was playing with an undeniable energy.
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Setlist: Umphrey's McGee 6.05.2010 Mulberry River Mountain Ranch ~ Ozark, AR

photo courtesy of Abby Fox

One Set: Bridgeless > Partyin’ Peeps, In the Kitchen > Bridgeless, Come Closer, Miss Tinkle's Overture > Stepping Razor > Miss Tinkle's Overture, Much Obliged > In the Kitchen

Encore: Cemetery Walk

Setlist source:

Umphrey's McGee
6/5/10 Wakarusa, Ozark, AR

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