Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Video: Oysterhead "Oz Is Ever Floating" Live on Conan O'Brien in 2001

Oysterhead performing Oz is ever Floating live on Conan O'Brien in 2001.

Video: Trey Anastasio Plays Conan O'Brien "Legally Prohibited from Appearing on TV Tour" 6.7.2010 ~ Tower Theatre, Upper Darby, PA

Trey Anastasio made a surprise appearance at the Conan tour stop in Upper Darby, PA. Sporting a new Flyers jersey and performing the northern ditty "Alaska." Please enjoy these clips found floating around the Internet today:


YEMblog: Bonnaroo From The Archives #2 - 06/14/2009 Pre-FM

Our friends over at YEMblog have put up the second day of the 2009 Bonnaroo From The Archives shows to share with us, a tasty PRE-FM source. Head on over to YEMblog.com for the exclusive download in all formats and please do not forget to say thank you. Some of the highlights include the '95 Boise "Theme", Mike Gordon demos, and the Memphis "2001" from 1999.


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