Wednesday, June 9, 2010 Get schooled in Phish

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Phish is a band that many people have heard of, but perhaps actually never have heard. Many fans would suggest skipping the studio albums altogether and diving in with the first official concert document, A Live One. However, studio albums such as Junta — Phish's official studio debut — contain concert staples like Fluffhead and David Bowie. 1993's concept album, Rift, and its follow-up Hoist and the relatively commercial Billy Breathes — released during the ascension of Phish and the Gen-X-fueled jam-band movement of the '90s — usually make fan lists of top studio albums.


Video: Phish "Axis: Bold as Love" 6.9.09 Asheville Civic Center ~ Asheville, NC

One year anniversary of this killer version of Hendrix's "Bold as Love", last played 10/6/2000 (74 Shows)


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