Friday, July 16, 2010

Setlist: Umphrey's McGee 7.16.2010 Frederick Meijer Gardens ~ Grand Rapids, MI

photo courtesy of justin wendt

Set One: Alex's House > Made to Measure > Bright Lights > Alex's House, 2x2, Thin Air

Set Two: Nothing Too Fancy# > Conduit, Africa, Phil's Farm > Kula > Phil's Farm, Example 1, Gulf Stream, 2nd Self, Night Moves > Nothing Too Fancy

Encore: Orfeo^, 1348

# Stanglehold teases
^ Joel Cummins solo

Download Torrent: Schoeps mk4v(ortf)>KCY>Schoeps vms5u>SD722 (24/48) [taped and seeded by Adam Downs]


Additional photo's courtesy of Justin Wendt

Mr. Miner: First Set Jamming

Similar patterns followed for other first set rotation songs, “Reba,” “Wolfman’s,” and “David Bowie.” Between differing guitar and bass tones, varying rhythms, and depending who led each jam, versions became distinct within structure. Because each version presented a distinct course to the same ending, the vehicles in rotation remained fresh and differentiating versions more often became a matter of musical taste rather than quality. Now, the same songs provided similar, but variant adventures. If one compares the Chicago and Charlotte “Wolfman’s ,” the SPAC and Atlanta’s ” Gins,” or the Hartford and Canandaigua “Reba,” and they will find different playing styles amidst similar themes, another aspect that spiced up this past tour.

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