Wednesday, July 21, 2010 Phish Appears on "Music Hits Home" Charity Album


On Tuesday July 27 Boston Red Sox slugger Kevin Youkilis (Youuuk!) and his charity endeavor Hits for Kids will release the compilation benefit CD Music Hits Home on Rounder that features The Allman Brothers Band, Dave Matthews Band, Lori McKenna, and Phish, among others. Phish offers a cover of Boston's "Foreplay/Long Time." The disc is available for purchase now.


Mr, Miner: The Four Tweezers of Tour


Since Phish came back last year, no song has been as consistently eventful as “Tweezer.” Old reliable, “Tweezer” has remained a central jam vehicle for the band’s entire career, and 3.0 has been no exception. A song that musically defines the unknown adventure that underlines the ethos of Phish, “Tweezer” has been one constant throughout the ages. In short, when “Tweezer” drops, it’s on. With an ability to travel divergent musical paths, “Tweezer” jams span the spectrum from addictive grooves to psychedelic infernos, and everything in between. Nothing in live music quite compares to full immersion in a “Tweezer” jam, hence every time its opening lick oozes from the speakers, heart rates jump and shows transform into gooey, futuristic dreamscapes. During Leg I of summer we tasted four different flavors of Phish’s famed launchpad. And here they are…


Source Audio Blog: The Best of Phish Tour 2010 and How Mike Gordon Gets That Cactus Sound

Thanks to our friends at YEMblog for this sweet find

I remember being at a Phish show when was about 17 years old and hearing guitarist Trey Anastasio scream into the microphone what I thought was "play a cactus!" to bassist Mike Gordon. Immediately afterwards, his bass took on a spindly, thick and bouncy sound that led right into "Boogie on Reggae Woman" by Steve Wonder. I still have a tickle in my brain where my mind was blown that day by what, to me, remains an absolute truth that this is precisely what a cactus would sound like. As it turns out, Trey was saying "play it Cactus", which is a nickname for Mike possibly alluding to his stationary stance on stage. Regardless, I've always wanted to know what was behind that cactus sound and now here at Source Audio, we've had the incredible opportunity to help manufacture it.


Video: Phish "Ghost Jam" 7.6.1998 Prague, Czech Republic

This one never gets old. Trey gets nutty just after the four minute mark.


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