Friday, July 23, 2010

Marin Independent Journal: Grateful Dead's Weir to collaborate with Marin Symphony

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In an Oct. 22 concert billed as "First Fusion," the 41-piece orchestra will join forces with original Grateful Dead singer-guitarist Bob Weir in a re-imagining of Grateful Dead hits, the symphony announced Friday.

"This is an effort to not only reach a younger audience, but to also attract people whose first thought isn't to go to the symphony," said Holly Brown, the orchestra's patron services manager.

The as-yet-undetermined Dead songs will be rearranged for the orchestra by Weir and Italian composer-arranger Giancarlo Aquilanti, director of the Stanford Symphonic Orchestra and the Stanford Wind Ensemble. Aquilanti will also conduct.

In the second half of the historic concert, to be played at Marin Center's 2,000-seat Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Weir, selected symphony musicians and the Grammy-nominated Quartet San Francisco will perform a program that includes improvised musical pieces.


Video: Grateful Dead "The Weight" 7.23.90 World Music Theater ~ Tinley Park, IL

"I gotta go, but m'friend can stick around."
Brent Mydland's Last Show


Live Music Blog: Phish Friday - 15 Must-Hear Shows for Any Phish Novice

#13: 9.14.99 – Boise State University Pavilion, Boise, ID – The “snooze and you lose” show of Fall ’99. After hitting Portland and the Gorge the weekend before, a lot of folks skipped this Tuesday night show in Boise, Idaho and headed straight down to the San Francisco Bay for the upcoming 4 night California run. But as anyone true head knows, you miss a Phish show at your own peril. The second set simply reads: Peaches en Regalia > AC/DC Bag > Gumbo, Down with Disease > Frankenstein, but trust me on this one — it’s a keeper and then some. In the Living Room with Jake Cinninger


Randy Ray: Right from the top, Living Room begins with “Bikes,” after, literally, a “One Two Three” count in, and I wrote Ween meets alt country about that track.

Jake Cinninger: We wanted to create the vibe of when you can imagine riding around with your buddies back pre-adolescence and all that great stuff when the world was a lot simpler, and there weren’t all the expectations of adulthood. It is sort of a nice, reflective piece. That’s probably one of my favorite tracks on the record because of the way that we recorded that. It was really a great recording. Krojo, in the drum booth, is counting out “One Two Three” before the song, with a cell phone going off, and somebody closing it. It’s kind of funny because I think Karl was in the bathroom doing the vocals, and that was his phone, and Krojo’s in the drum booth, and the bass and guitars are in the main room so we can all play to tape together. Then, there’s all the sweetening that I do later—(laughs) that’s what took the five years. The McLovins - A Good Catch [Interview with Jake Huffman]


Andrew Bruss: The obvious question is if you’ve made it onto the radar of any of the guys from Phish.

Jake Huffman: Actually Page came to one of our shows when we played at Nectars. We played “Farmhouse” and he recorded it on his phone and sent it to the other guys. We’re friends with Tom Marshall, the lyricist of Phish, so we keep up with him, especially my mom and I. He said he’s talked to Trey about us, so they definitely know who we are.


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