Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hidden Track: "First Fusion" Bob Weir + Marin Symphony


On October 22 former Grateful Dead and current Furthur vocalist/rhythm guitarist Bob Weir will team up with members of the 41-piece Marin Symphony and Quartet San Francisco to perform “as-yet-undetermined” Grateful Dead songs at Marin Center’s Veterans Memorial Auditorium in San Rafael, CA. The concert, billed as First Fusion, marks the first time the Marin Symphony has worked with a rock star.


VIdeo: Umphrey's McGee "Glory > Ocean Billy" 7.17.2010 White River State Park ~ Indianapolis, IN



Glide Magazine Reviews 30db's debut album "One Man Show"


Not surprisingly, the material on the album has considerable range. One Man Show features personable mandolin-laced rock and a majestic coda. The album’s best-known track, “Susanah,” combines a sly vocal phrasing with a country-rock shuffle that brings Drew Emmitt’s style to mind, and “Liar” takes that ethos a step further with a wicked collage of electric and acoustic solos over a memorable hook. The terse “Automatic” finds Bayliss at his most lyrically immediate, offering playful lines (“can you hear me, Dallas Texas?”) as somewhat of a contrast to his normally oblique lyrical style. Austin’s lyrically grim “Grave” is transformed into a rollicking sing-along that rides atop quivering guitars, celebratory piano, and jubilant rhythms. [Blog]: Rumor leaks are GOOD for Phish

I always enjoy reading what David Steinberg has to say.

Not only is the delayed fall announcement potentially hurting fall tickets, it’s effecting summer sales. If fall tour is limited or not happening, some people are going to migrate to Deer Creek and l’Alpine to see a few shows. If that announcement doesn’t come until after the second leg, and there are no rumors that we can trust, people are just going to sit on their money.

I understand contracts not allowing the band to announce dates officially until certain events have passed, but you want to find ways to get the information to fans. Let us know where to travel, and the odds of us actually doing so skyrocket.


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