Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Live Music Blog: "The Cup Runneth Over" Phish Fall Tour Rumors

We are less than ten days away from Phish’s continuation of Summer tour — AKA Leg 2. The band and the community will descend on the Bay Area, more precisely, The Greek Theatre in Berkeley for the only three-night run of Twenty-Ten (so far…)

That “so far” is what keeps the community abuzz in between tours apparently. Just as we follow Twitter for set list updates during tour, some, many, follow the rumors of future touring. With a community of Phish fans usually rocking the “living in the now” mindset, you would think that their futures market would be relatively carefree. Instead we agonize and try to predict where the “All-Request-Band” will go next, even if it’s five months in the future!

Mr. Miner: Freakin' on the Greek


The tickets for Leg II sport venue-specific designs, the Greeks decorated with a graphic take of the theatre’s backdrop. With “Phish” written in lightening bolts on the tickets, the band gave a subtle nod to the Grateful Dead as they prepare to set up shop on their forefathers’ home turf. The excitement is peaking for many, but others are still trying to get their hands on that last ticket to complete their three-pack. By not releasing multi-night packages, Phish and Ticketmaster left a lot of fans to face the worlds of ticket trading and brokering. With Saturday night stubs being the scarcest, prices in the secondary market have climbed over $300 a pop for the intimate GA shows. Since these are the only west coast dates scheduled, the migration to the Bay will come from far and wide, as this is the closer to home Phish will come for thousands of left coast fans. All of these factors have converged to create quite the pre-show hubbub for the upcoming nights in Northern California.


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