Friday, August 6, 2010

Video: Phish "Wolfman's Brother" 8.5.2010 The Greek Theatre ~ Berkeley, CA



Setlist: Umphrey's McGee 8.5.2010 Theatre at Westbury ~ Westbury, New York

photo courtesy of abby fox

Set One: Higgins, Out of Order, #13 Days, Preamble > Mantis > Robot World* > "Jimmy Stewart"** > Mantis, The Triple Wide$

Set Two: Prowler > Syncopated Strangers > Interstate Love Song > Syncopated Strangers > Nothing Too Fancy > Believe the Lie, The Haunt$$ > Sweet Sunglasses > Nothing Too Fancy

Encore: Wife Soup > Glory > Wife Soup

Rebolution opened
# with Robot World intro
* with Prophecy Now and Sludge and Death teases
** with lyrics
$ with Stairway to Heaven tease
$$ with Alex's House teases

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Video: Phish "Down With Disease" 8.5.2010 The Greek Theatre ~ Berkeley, CA



Top Tweets: Phish 8.5.2010 The Greek Theatre ~ Berkeley, CA


Some of my favorite tweets from couch tour last night - Justin

@YEMblog: merit badges should be earned not purchased.

@phishnet: OH: "Pollock for your Thursday"

@CoventryMusic: The joker has a phD in phish lot. Got to venue early, bought a pollack, traded it for a ticket for tonight for carrie. Bam!

@CoventryMusic: Possum opener was a sloppy wet juicy welcome back kiss. Wolfman's Bro continues the foreplay with a lil side boob rubbage.

@CoventryMusic: "Was that an oxy jam?" Asked benjo during meandering DWD-noodlefest. "Naw." I said. "They just took a wrong turn & got a lil lost."

@neddyo: Michael Gordon: stormin the beaches of Normandy

@WiscoRefugee There's a guy in the front with a sign that says "STAGE BANTER." As a request. Haha. #phish #greek

@originalwyllys: this is your greek too #phish

@YEMblog: Hellenic As Fuck #Phish

@YEMblog: Paul made trey new guitar from special piece of wood. Trey playing it tonite #Phish

@dogoneblog: Trey rocks a new axe on night 1 at The Greek


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