Saturday, August 7, 2010

Setlist: Umphrey's McGee 8.6.2010 Penn's Peak ~ Jim Thorpe, PA

photo courtesy of abby fox

Set One: Conduit, Atmosfarag, The Bottom Half > 2nd Self, Water > Andy's Last Beer, Bloody Well Right, Intentions Clear > The Bottom Half

Set Two: Miss Tinkle's Overture, Words > Last Man Swerving > Immigrant Song / Thunder Kiss '65 > Utopian Fir, Cemetery Walk

Encore: JaJunk

[unconfirmed setlist source:]

Video: Phish "Mike's Song" 8.6.2010 The Greek Theatre ~ Berkeley, CA

Great video of the second section of Mike's Song before segueing into Simple


Video: Phish "Fluffhead" 8.5.2010 The Greek Theatre ~ Berkeley, CA



Video: Phish "Simple" 8.6.2010 The Greek Theatre ~ Berkeley, CA



Setlist: Phish 8.6.2010 The Greek Theatre ~ Berkeley, CA

photo via @thisweekonlot

Set One: Chalkdust Torture, Guyute, Ocelot, It's Ice, Cities > The Moma Dance, Bathtub Gin, Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan

Set Two: Rock and Roll > Story of the Ghost > Mike's Song > Simple > Backwards Down The Number Line, Show of Life, Seven Below > Weekapaug Groove, You Enjoy Myself

Encore: Good Times Bad Times

Top Tweets: Phish 8.6.2010 The Greek Theatre ~ Berkeley, CA


Some of my favorite tweets from couch tour last night - Justin

@ThisWeekonLot: Do girls in Berekley not own bras? Not that I'm complaining.... #phish #TWoL

@cdirksen: Apparently, "solid" is polite #Phish fan code for "average-great at best."

@CoventryMusic: Gambling on set 1 tunes. Bonus for the cover song. Set opener pays DOUBLE. #phish

@cdirksen: My prostate is too old for this sht. #phish #Greek

@YEMblog: trey scoring about a 95% on the guitar hero stats for guyute.

@neddyo: Soundguy's keys to mixing Phish: crank bass player to 11. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

@yemblog: cities jam FTW

@ryannichols: tonight making last night look like Vegas 04 #phish

@YEMblog: I've been walking around Berkeley a lot. I'm not sure everyone does love to take a bath actually.

@scott_Towler: Cactus embraces the 80s synth. We do too. #sickestghostever #phish

@nugsnet: Micah Gordon, ladies and gents, making his #Phish YEM trampoline placement debut in between set list tweets.


Video: 7 Walkers with Mike Gordon "Not Fade Away" 8.6.2010 Great American Music Hall ~ San Francisco, CA

Cactus joins in around the 8min mark


Video: Phish "Sample In A Jar" 8.5.2010 The Greek Theatre ~ Berkeley, CA



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