Friday, August 20, 2010

Online Phish Tour: What A Long Strange Tour It's Been [phish]

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The style of jamming we saw in Toyota Park's Ghost, Blossom's Number Line > 20 Years Later and Hershey's Drowned got me very excited for the tour. I assumed that this would be the direction they would now go in--2009 was a solid year for them, but they were still trying to find their "style", kind of like in 1996 they had blown past the intensity of 1995 and you can hear hints of what was to come in 1997 with Trey busting out his wah pedal a lot more (towards the end of 1996). The jamming style of the first three shows of tour carried into some of the first leg, but not as heavily as I had expected or hoped.


Hidden Track: Phish to Release Coral Sky DVD

It’s been quite some time since a new Phish DVD came out, so we we’re overjoyed to see that – according to a newly created page on Allmusic which includes a JEMP catalog number – the band will be releasing video of its November 2, 1996 performance at the Coral Sky Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach, FL titled Coral Sky. The show came just two days after the groundbreaking Remain In Light cover set in Atlanta and features a ridiculously good Crosseyed and Painless > Run Like An Antelope segment.


Video: Phish "Guelah Papyrus" 8.18.2010 Jones Beach ~ Wantagh, NY



Video: Phish "Timber (Jerry)" 8.18.2010 Jones Beach ~ Wantagh, NY



Video: Phish "Destiny Unbound" 8.18.2010 Jones Beach ~ Wantagh, NY



New York Post: Phish fan OK after leap

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Everything's gonna be alright.

The friends of an unhinged Phish fan who tossed himself off a 25-foot balcony at the Jones Beach amphitheater during the jam band's show Wednesday night said it looks as if their pal is going to pull through."It's really a miracle, man. He's just got some broken bones, but he's going to be fine," said one pal of the 30-year-old from Maine.

"He's talking; he's sedated, he's sort of out of it. But surprisingly, he was able to talk," the friend said at Nassau University Medical Center. The unidentified jumper and his three friends, also from Maine, are huge Phish fans and attend regional concerts.


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