Friday, September 10, 2010

Video: Phish "Piper" 12.12.1997 Pepsi Arena ~ Albany, NY

Sick sick sick Piper
Read this great rundown of the jam from Christian David Hoard while enjoying the videos. - Justin


Video: Phish "Tweezer" 12.12.1997 Pepsi Arena ~ Albany, NY

This Tweezer is pretty standard until the gorgeous ambient like "Hydrogen" jam to fade the song out. - Justin

Mr. Miner: Three More Of Leg Two

Last week we looked at a spectrum of significant jams Phish played in August. But in a tour that favored more improvisation than any other in this era, there were many more highlights of note. Amidst the buzz of tour’s most staggering musical moments, some other serious pieces of improvisation haven’t gotten as much attention as they should. Below are three more jams from Leg Two that showcase Phish’s late-summer exploratory spirit. Umphrey's McGee Live in August

photo courtesy of abby fox

Umphrey’s McGee is not scheduled to return to the stage until September 23 in Knoxville, TN. However fans can revisit the group’s latest performances via two audio collections now streaming on An August sampler presents six tracks recorded last month, while a July offering collects five songs.

Online Phish Tour: Mike Gordon Continues to Blow Doors Down

photo courtesy of abby fox
Mike Gordon is proving himself to be the most impressive and musically inclined member of the band since their return. Not only has he been crushing every Phish song on a nightly basis, he just released a geographically huge tour sure to please every phan across our great country. Mike has been sitting in with other bands after Phish shows or between tours. Mike's recent pace of songwriting has kept pace with Trey's; only Mike has been writing more impressive songs. While the other members of Phish are seemingly slowing down, Mike is becoming more outspoken, more dominant of his instrument and more in the public eye than he has ever been in his career.


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