Saturday, September 11, 2010 Phish concert sells out in 18 minutes

photo courtesy of justin wendt

Utica is one of 14 stops (and the only New York concert) on the band’s Fall Tour 2010, which begins Oct. 10 with a three-day stint in Broomfield, Colo. The Aud is the smallest venue on the tour, Berkheiser said.

Chris Bigenho, 32, said having one of his favorite bands close to his hometown of Turin made it even more important to ensure he’d get tickets. He starting camping out at 9:30 p.m. Thursday. He was one of the first in line at the Aud.

“You don’t miss a home game,” said Bigenho, who has attended 32 Phish concerts.


Video: Phil Lesh & Phriends "Viola Lee Blues" 4.15.1999 The Warfield ~ San Francisco, CA

One of the finest moments in improvisational rock music history. Trey's funk and Steve's magnetic leads transform this jam into another dimension. Their interaction is so tasty, one forgets Page, Phil and Molo are in the mix. Epic as fuck, as the kids say. - Justin

The late great Dick Latvala on 4/15/1999:

ok, let me be the first to give a first hand account of the monsterous
magic that occurred at the Warfield Theater last night. (4/15/99) I deliberately
stayed away from the worksite this past week so that I didn't hear what
these guys were working on. I was afraid that I would be greatly
dissappointed if they simply did renditions of GD or Phish tunes. I wanted
a free form jamming experience from these awfully talented group of
musicians. I figured that Trey wouldn't stand for anything half-assed and
boy was I not prepared for what ensued. This was one of those nights where
you knew while it was happening that miracles and magic was at hand. This
was easily the finest most brilliant music that I have seen live in many a
year. Another apprehension that I was operating from was that Steve would
"lay back", as is his style. Last night the man was playing like Warren
Haynes, and Trey and Steve showed a sense of communication that has far
outseeded anything that I have ever heard before. It was like these 2 guys
were in some kind of mind meld. It seemed like they had been playing
together for all their lives. It was extremely smooth in delivery. Page
and Molo were perfection. Phil was appearing to me to be looking quite
proud of what he started. I still will never recover from the awesomely
aggressive manner in which Steve and Trey layed their lines down. This was
indeed an historical night. And what could be better than getting to go
for the next two nights. John Cutler and Jeffrey Norman recorded these 3
shows on 24 track A-DAT. I can't help but see this show come out in its
entirety. These guys were serious and they delivered the real goods.
I'm somewhat anxious to hear what anybody else, that was there, felt about
the music. I was amazed and thrilled and proud of the effort. Sometimes it
seems very clear that special music can "cure" any sickness you have. This
experience was right up there with the closing of Winterland. Is that
enough hi-per-bully?

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