Thursday, December 2, 2010

Audio: Phish ~ The "Auburn Hills Gin" 12.2.99

Today marks the eleven year anniversary of one of my favorite "extra-terrestrial" Bathtub Gin's. The Palace was lifted and sprung into the nether-regions of the Universe as Trey's cosmic machine-gun leads combined with Fishman's explosions of raw energy. Every time you thought they reached a peak, they found a way to take it higher. Enjoy.


Audio: Phish Live Bait 03 Worcester Edition

Fresh out of the archives, Live Bait 03 is now available for download for FREE at

This version of Phish's free MP3 download marks the first time the series dips into the archive to feature selections from Phish's storied past performances at the Worcester Centrum (now the DCU Center). The band is returning to play there Dec 27 & 28 during their New Year's Eve run. Tickets to both shows remain available for purchase through TicketMaster.

Live Bait 03 features all previously unreleased tracks including the 58+ minute Runaway Jim from 11/29/97. Share it, post it, broadcast it. The tracks are fully mixed and mastered. Enjoy.

PhishLive Bait 02



type II Episode 8: Smothered and Covered


Sometimes the best song in a set is a song that Phish didn’t even write. This week Eric, Sam and Steve dusted off the archives for another 1.0/2.0/3.0 retrospective look at how other musicians have impacted and shaped the sound of Phish. From their beginnings as a bar band in the late 80′s through the most recent tour we investigate not only the songs they choose, but the impact varying genres and styles have on their overall sound.

Stream or download at


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