Friday, December 3, 2010

Billy K on Furthur


In a recent interview with Burlington's Press Republican former Grateful Dead drummer Bill Kruetzman slams Furthur, his old band-mates, and their choice to fill the lead guitar spot. "Furthur" is what it is, just as Billy's project was what it was with the "Rhythm Devils." In Furthur's defense, they're breaking more ground than any other band led by two men over the age of 65. In any case, the Grateful Dead "behind the scene drama" continues to carry on and do nothing but hurt the legacy of the band.

Press Republican:
"Jerry and I had this dream of living in Hawaii, when the band stopped. Unfortunately, I was the only one that held up the agreement. This year, I don't know how many gigs I've played. It's fun. I'm not complaining."

And yet Kreutzmann isn't the only past member still truckin'. Weaving across the country, Bob Weir (rhythm guitar) and Phil Lesh (bass) have overtaken the festival circuit with Furthur, another reincarnation of the Grateful Dead catalogue.

"I haven't really got much interest in them. They sound just like the other bands out there doing it. What do you call those bands that copy other bands—" Kreutzmann said. "Anyways, I don't feel they're doing anything really new with their music.

"We play Grateful Dead tunes in 7 Walkers but with our own take on everything. We don't play them slow, we play it loud and up tempo. The saddest thing is that they (Furthur) hired a guitar player that's not Warren Haynes. It's too bad. They should have hired a great solo guitar player."


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