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OKP Giveaway: Grateful Dead Europe '72 Bundle

UPDATE: Congrats to @tpod17 for winning! 

On September 20th, Rhino and Grateful Dead released Europe '72 Vol. 2. The release (as with the original) was recorded at various locations during the band’s 22-show tour, and features Garcia, Weir, Lesh, Billy, Kieth, Donna and Pigpen. The release is an essential continuation of the original that includes more than two hours of unreleased performances from that storied tour.

The 20-track compilation produced by, David Lemiux, purposely only chose song titles that did not appear on Europe ’72 as a way to complement the original.  In a nod to the original, the release features new cover art by Stanley Mouse, the artist who helped create the original iconic artwork from Europe ’72, which features the return of the legendary Ice Cream Kid.

The Prize: Remastered in HDCD, Grateful Dead's Europe '72 Volume's 1 & 2

To Enter: First, you must either follow us on twitter or like our Facebook page here. Second, leave a comment in the "Official Entry Form" below telling us what your favorite post-Jerry Grateful Dead project has been and why.

The Fine Print: The contest closes Friday, October7th at 4:20 pm. All entires will be placed in a lottery and selected at random using

More Fine Print: One entry per person, violators will be persecuted to the fullest extent of applicable local laws. Not to mention, karma is bitch and the terrible thing about hell is that when you're there you can't even tell. Winners will be posted here and notified by either twitter or facebook. Comments will be re-posted below in our comment section.


  1. The whole idea of streaming- in the old days one would wait for your tape of the show to arrive via the mail. It as I have many, was on a UDXEII cassette, which as soon as it arrived I had to make my own by drawing on the cover.
    Now with the internet one can either get to experiance the show immediatly via a live stream or listen to it during set break. It is actually amazing how much technology has advanced in my lifetime. I am looking foward to seeing what happens next.

    I think Jerry would be proud of all the advancements and approve .

    -Robin S.

  2. My fav post Jerry is Ratdog. I loved the sound Bobby was putting out there with the saxophone. :)

    -Gina G.

  3. My favourite post-Jerry Grateful Dead project? Phil & Friends Summer '06 with Joan, Phil, Trey sit-ins... specifically the Bethel Woods set with Trey where they re-performed The Grateful Dead's Woodstock setlist... but there were lots of other great shows on that tour. Love the Joan-led Althea's too. Great giveaway - thanks!


  4. Furthur. It's great to see Bobby and Phil back together jammin into the sunset of their lives. Also it is great to see John living his dream gig!


  5. Further gets my pick. I was born in 1984 and thus was 11 when Jerry died so it is the closest thing I could get to seeing the original Grateful Dead.


  6. I'm a furthur girl. Furthur has been one of the most, in my opinion, Grateful Dead-sounding bands since Jerry. While I would say Phil Lesh because he has done his own thing, in a Grateful Dead light, Furthur has been the most successful at creating the same, or similar, atmosphere and sound. There shows are euphoric and make you feel like you're in a time machine going back into time. I love the idea of using the name based off the bus used in their trip with Ken Kesey. All in all I think furthur is the best recreation of all the Grateful Dead encompassed, and I couldn't be more excited to see them in Madison next month!

    - Alexandria F.

  7. The original Furthur shows because I got to see the boys play to a couple thousand people in an old baseball park in Maine.

    -Todd S.

  8. I have enjoyed several Furthur shows and think they are the closest to the Jerry Days. John's guitar work is great and his vocals are too.


  9. Phil and Friends. Because I hate it when Bobby sings Jerry songs. Just feels like a stranger singing.


  10. Furthur! First of all Joe Russo is a monster and makes this project just that much better to an already fun band with John K. Just rippin up the Garcia licks and vocals! Just a great band that's so much fun!

    - Barry B.

  11. Phil Lesh & Friends has been the source of my favorite Post-Jerry 'Dead experiences. The shows have been tighter than the other projects that I've seen. There was a St. Steven at Alpine Valley around the end of the '90s that made my month.


  12. 7 walkers. I think they have a great sound and with Hunter doing some writing, the songs have a familiar ring to them.


  13. The Other Ones was, and still is, my favorite post-Jerry Dead project. Simply because I can still remember how I felt when I realized that The Music Truly Was Not Going To Stop! It was great to see the guys carry the torch Furthur on down the road, even though Bill wasn't ready quite yet.


  14. In the post-Jerry world I find myself living in, I still enjoy the sounds of 'the good ol' Grateful Dead. That is why I still listen to, and travel to see Furthur. To see Bobby and Phil still getting it up night after night, is not only a musical thrill, but a testament to phrase "Peace through Music".


  15. Loved seeing the Other Ones in Boston in '02, but Furthur has been ripping it up too!


  16. Furthur! Love seeing Phil and Bobby together and Joe Russo just tops it off! Great giveaway! Thanks!


  17. My favorite post Jerry Grateful Dead project has been the Phil Lesh Quintent, with Jimmy Herring, John Molo, Rob Baraco, and Warren Haynes. I have yet to see any of the Dead member bands have the power and punch, jams, and tightness of that band.


  18. My favorite post-Jerry Grateful Dead project is Phil and Friends. Some of the lineups are better than others but I like how each configuration has a different take on the material.


  19. Without a doubt, Furthur is my favorite post-Jerry project. Besides the fact that they finally landed a guitarist who gives the music that familiar sound we all can't seem to live without (although some people disagree), there is something about this particular configuration that has clicked/gelled to bring the magic back in a way no previous incarnation has. The backing vocals also bring an excellent touch, and the selists are often above and beyond. Although I realize this too shall pass, given the age of the two original band members, I plan to ride the train until its final stop. The sense of community, in my opinion, has not been this intense since the days of the original GD, and the music is top-notch and "close enough to pretend." Long live Furthur!

    -Jose M.

  20. I love The Dead as a post jerry project. Warren Haynes's vocals and guitar prowess were a welcome addition to the core four. I felt they had a good groove going.

    - Jennifer S.

  21. The Dead, hands down. With Warren Haynes fronting the band they were unreal. With Billy and Mickey back it was the closet thing that you can get to the dead. Jeff Chimenti was on keys, and Bobby and Phil were dead on. I went to the show in Mountain View, flew over from NY, the band opened with Jack Straw and played a perfect setlist. The Dead take the best post Jerry group for me

    -Brian D.

  22. The Dead, hands down. With Warren Haynes fronting the band they were unreal. With Billy and Mickey back it was the closet thing that you can get to the dead. Jeff Chimenti was on keys, and Bobby and Phil were dead on. I went to the show in Mountain View, flew over from NY, the band opened with Jack Straw and played a perfect setlist. The Dead take the best post Jerry group for me

    - Brian D.

  23. Love Furthur, Phil really is playing as good as he ever has. The deep-cut song choices are songs I always wanted to hear the Dead play, such as New Potato Caboose, King Soloman's Marbles, Alligator, Caution, etc.

    - @Silverio1969

  24. favorite project would be watching Phil & Friends and transfering my dat masters to disc.

    -Craig S.

  25. My favorite has to be this edition of Furthur. Joe is my favorite drummer and John does a kick ass job too. I hope they keep those two around for a long ass time!

    - Fred D.

  26. the 2001-2002 era Phil and friends. Jimmy and Warren combined with Phil made for some serious awesome sauce!

    - @wolfmanscousin

  27. Phil and Friends with Trey and Mike. I know not going with a dead or furthur project might be blasphemy, but there was a sweetness to those shows...

    - @saulomite

  28. I first saw The Grateful Dead at RFK stadium in '73 with the Allman Brothers . My last show , in a perfect Zen circle , was there as well in '95. My friends and I often mused what we would do, how we could possibly continue the adventure in the event of Jerry's passing .Unfortunately , our concerns proved founded , and we the fans , as well as the band floundered for a while...stunned by our grief .But we all knew that if the long strange trip was truly the magic we believed it was , we'd have to press on , past the setting of any individual , even Jerry . We all tried to keep the energy going , touring with bands like Phish , hoping to keep the tribe intack . Bobby took to the road with a vengance , but it took us all a while to again find our footing , to say with conviction that Our Love Is Real ...Not Fade Away.Each year since . the band , the Tribe and our love has grown stonger and bolder , and I find myself again enjoying the music , the scene , and the ongoing Grateful Dead collective experience as a living , breathing , viable tradition, being passed through the generations . It is because of this that I treasure the way the Boys are playing today with full flame and passion , exploring New Space again , while revisiting early roots that and music i'd never heard before live .It gets better and stronger again with each passing year , and for this I love the present incarnation , Furthur ..... Furthur Indeed!

    - Jesse C.

  29. I guess if i had to pick it would be Kreutzmann's 7 Walkers. I was fortinate enough to get an early taste of the Walkers when Bill Kreutzmann, Papa Mali, and Matt Hubbard, and Hutch Hutchinson, in Gorge Porter Jr's spot, played at Schwagstock 40 in May of 2009. This was a few months before 7 walkers was released. Even hung out with Matt for a bit after the show. I just got back from festival where i saw Melvin Seals, Jimmy Tebeau, and Dave ABear from JGB.

    - @DeadAheadRA

  30. I can honestly say I love everything that Jerry acomplished in his lifetime with us he was a amazeing artist. My favroite times growing up when I was a child siiting by the record player with my father listening to Grateful Dead albums with my father. Jerry paved the way for other great jam bands and lots of great jam band music festivals today Thank You Jerry you will always be in our hearts......

    - Norma P.

  31. My favorite post Jerry Grateful Dead project is organ donorship. I think Phil is an incredicle spokesman for organ donorship....God Bless The Grateful Dead

    - @davidshore1

  32. My favorite post jerry project was the The Other Ones on Furthur fest tour tour especially in 1998-2001 hasn't been that great since, the new "furthur" can't even touch it!

    9/1/2000 Alpine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI [Listen/Download] [Reviews]

    Jack Straw, Playin in the Band > Bird Song > Baba Jingo, Stir It Up*, Blackbird@bw/aj > Bird Song Jam@bw/mk/sk/aj/bh > Ripple@bw/mk/sk/aj/bh, White-Wheeled Limousine, St. Stephen > The Eleven > Drumz/Jam > Banyan Tree > Playin in the Band (reprise) > Wharf Rat > The Valley Road > Touch of Grey

    E: Johnny B. Goode

    *-with Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers

    A close second was when Rat dog toured with Rob Wasserman, that guy really added something special to there sound.

    - @Gannopilous

  33. Phil and friends the quintet with jimmy herring and warren haynes . It was some of the freest music i have ever seen in my life.

    - Bart P.

  34. FURTHUR!!!! Great to see the guys who wrote the songs playing them again, and playing them well (usually)!!!

    Tela P.

  35. Furthur is my favorite side project. I love Bobby and Phil. I have had the chance to see them the most.

    - Rosa M.

  36. I think the Phil and Phriends with Page and Trey was the best outing so far. I do have to admit the Other Ones at the end of the 98 tour at Shoreline was awesome when they played St Stephen. But the Phil and Phriends in April 99 was hands down the coolest.

    - @phattskis

  37. I saw Furthur in Mansfield and I loved it!! I'm only 17 years old and so it's the closest I'll get to seeing the Dead live! Amazing experience. I'm trying to figure out how to get to Amherst to go see them in November too :)

    - @Friedmannn_

  38. My favorite part of Post-Jerry Grateful Dead is that so many small local bands carry on the tradition of the band and the music. Nothing is better than seeing one, like Shakedown Street in Chapel Hill, keeping the music alive and playing it in a genuine way.

    - @jeffpowell101

  39. Furthur, I have seen them 6 times and each show has been amazing.

    - Kevin H.

  40. Furthur and only because it is the only one I have been able to experience in my lifetime

    - @Island8


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