Monday, January 10, 2011

Live Design Online: David Gallo Goes Phishing

photo via glowstickwars [redredworm]

Before the Madison Square Garden performance, Daedalus Design & Production in Brooklyn refurbished the giant hotdog so that the CO2 tanks and lights inside, as well as the seatbelts, all worked. “The idea was to take this funny little song, The Meatstick, and make it into a massive production number,” says Gallo. Dancers appeared in costumes representing many different nationalities, from Mexican Mariachi musicians and orthodox rabbis to Swedish snow bunnies. Sarah Nordstrom designed the costumes while Chris Kuroda, Phish’s veteran LD designed the lighting for the entire New Year’s Eve show, of which “The Meatstick” was an 18-minute interlude at midnight.

Complete story of Tony Award-winning Broadway scenic and projection designer David Gallo's work with Phish at


Video: Phish "After Midnight Jam" 12.31.99 Big Cypress ~ Big Cypress, FL


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