Thursday, January 20, 2011

Setlist etc: Umphrey's McGee 1.20.11 Mayan Holidaze ~ Puerto Morelos, Mexico


Set One: Wappy Sprayberry > Higgins, Much Obliged, Cemetary Walk, Dump City, Ringo > Cheap Sunglasses > Ringo

Set Two: 40's Theme, Making Flippy Floppy, Hangover, Tribute To The Spinal Shaft > The Bottom Half > Glory > The Bottom Half, The Triple Wide, 1348

[setlist source @soundcaresser]

Zman's Schoeps CCM4V'S(din)>Lunatec V2>Benchmark AD2K> Sound Devices 722 (24/48) via Live Music Archive

Dave Vann


Video: Phish "Cool It Down" 12.27.10 DCU Center ~ Worcester, MA

The second "3.0" performance of the Velvet Underground's "Cool It Down" via Silverchair97


type II Episode 12: It’s Pronounced Man-Tay-Ca (podcast)


Type II Cast host Steve Olker and panelists Scott Bernstein, Tanya Sperry and Justin Wendt each had a tough time waiting for two weeks to discuss Phish’s three-night stand at Madison Square Garden, so much so that you can hear the energy in each participant’s voice as they detail the run’s highlights.

Tanya starts us off by recapping the December 30th performance including discussions and listening sessions devoted to the energy at the venue, the unique version of Tweezer and the highly melodic Bathtub Gin thrown down that evening. Scotty explains how the run, and specifically the New Year’s Eve concert, channeled the best of the band’s previous year-ending shows. Clips from the 31st include a machine gun-laden Rock and Roll, a buttery Ghost jam that the panel flipped over and the grand Meatstick – The Musical segment that put an exclamation point on 2010.

Justin led a discussion about the improv-heavy run closer from New Year’s Day. The panelists gave their thoughts on the Walls of a Cave jam, the Crosseyed jam and the gorgeous full-band interplay that developed out of Simple. All four Type IIers summed up their thoughts on the MSG Run before one of the most fun sequence of the three-night stand played us out.

Show Clips (Alphabetical):

2001, Crosseyed, Ghost, Gin, Manteca, Meatstick, Rock and Roll, Simple, Tweezer, Walls.

Visit to stream Episode 12.


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