Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Limited Live Phish To Be Released Tuesday 2/1

Phish has announced their next batch of Limited Edition shows from the second leg of Summer Tour 2010. Each show has been fully remastered by Fred Kevorkian and will be available for download via iTunes February 1st. A limited number of these remasters have been pressed to CD and will be available at select record-stores nationwide.

The second batch of Limited LivePhish remasters include:

8/6/10 The Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA - Pre-Order at iTunes
8/7/10 The Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA - Pre-Order at iTunes
8/13/10 Deer Creek, Noblesville, IN - Pre-Order at iTunes


Browning 2.0


Yesterday, on Umphrey's McGee's The Floor, sound engineer Kevin Browning announced his new opportunity within the band whose sound he has caressed over the past twelve years. Kevin will retire to the Umphrey's HQ to focus on the integral behind the scene brainstorming that makes Umphrey's McGee what it is.

In order to do this, we've decided that starting February 1st I will be transitioning from the road to UM headquarters to help continue to make the band all it can be. Over the years, my role inside Umphrey's McGee has slowly evolved to encompass a wide variety of tasks. What started as predominately a mixing and recording role has grown to include a whole host of Umphrey's related business. As we constantly push the boundaries of what's possible with UM, there is more work to be done in the home office than ever before. My ultimate goal in this new role is to help UM better achieve bigger things.

Hidden Track Editor, Scott Bernstein, summed up Kevin's contributions to the band perfectly:

Not only did Browning make sure the sound in each venue was perfect, he also had the midas touch with live recordings for the band’s UMLive series. You could hear nuances in the group’s music that you might not have been able to hear if someone else produced these recordings thanks to KB’s masterful mixes.

We wish Kevin the best as he makes that transition off the road and welcome Chris Mitchell (The Dead, Rhythm Devils, Tracy Chapman, G Love, Cyro Baptista, and the Charlotte Bobcats)as Umphrey's new sound engineer. Umphrey's McGee kicks off their Winter Tour tomorrow night in Boston, MA at the House of Blues.


Daily Audio: Phish "Will It Go Round In Circles" 9.21.99 Pima County Fairgrounds ~ Tucson, AZ


It's a shame Phish only played this little ditty twice in the fall of 1999 before Trey decided it was best suited with his solo endeavors, including popping up on the Dave Matthews & Friends tour. So with rumors of weekend DMB/Phish co-bills swirling around the inter-web (just like last year), this seems like a logical song for Phish to work back into the repertoire.

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