Monday, March 28, 2011

Daily Audio: Umphrey's McGee with Phil Lesh "Franklin's Tower" 2.12.05 Bill Graham Civic Auditorium ~ San Francisco, CA

photo via Robert Minkin

In 1998, the Pre-Jake South Bend bar days of Umphrey's McGee, they tackled the Grateful Dead standard "Franklin's Tower" twice. Sixteen years later the random cover would come in handy when Phil decided to stop by their gig at the Great American Music Hall, on their 2004 Fall Tour. Phil Lesh replaced Ryan Stasik in the second set out of a jam in Robot World to lead the rest of Umphrey's on a blistering rendition of Franklin's Tower. Overly impressed with this initial sit-in Phil invited UM back to the west coat to open his Mardi Gras celebration in 2005. As expected, towards the end of Umphrey's set, Phil emerged again for Franklin's Tower to introduce these outstanding young men to the west-coast Dead Heads. Take note of Bayliss' soaring melodic solo beginning at the 3:45 mark and Joel Cummins quick "Hornsby-esque" solo.

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