Saturday, April 2, 2011

Setlist etc: Umphrey's McGee's UMBowl II 4.02.11 Park West ~ Chicago, IL

First Quarter: Jazz Odyssey > In The Kitchen^, Bonafide Lovin^^ > "Jimmy Stewart"^^^ > Qbert > All In Time^^^^

Second Quarter: Bring the Funk > Classical Regulate > Heavy Metal Dance Party > Waful Meets Disco-ball > Soaring Uplifting jam > Tool Meets Umphrey's > Moog Cocktail > Take Us To Church > Ambient jam > I'm in a Video Game

Third Quarter: When Harry Met Sally UM video spoof, Ruled by Secrecy*, Untitled**, Going to California***, Untitled****, Heard it Through the Grapevine*****, Great American# > Jam## > Great American#, Big Bottom Spinal Tap###, FF####, Instrumental Electronic Dub jam@, Much Obliged@@, In Violation of Yes@@@

Fourth Quarter: Nothing Too Fancy+ > Mrs. Robinson's Strut, Divisions > Glory > Divisions, Fifth of Beethoven, Blue Echo > 1348 > Blue Echo > 1348, Tom Sawyer++

Overtime: Thriller/Another Brick in the Wall+++

^in Espagnol
^^ Chromeo cover
^^^Daft Punk-esque prog metal jam
^^^^completes UMBowl I version [4.24.10]
* Joel solo, Muse cover
** Brendan on piano solo: new song, untitled
*** Brendan on mandolin, Jake on acoustic. Led Zeppelin cover.
**** Ryan on bass, Jake on electric. new song, instrumental and untitled
***** Ryan on bass, Jake on electric, Farag on percussion. Instrumental, jazz version.
# Ryan on bass, Jake on electric, Farag on percussion, Joel on keys.
## Ryan on bass, Jake on drum ktt, Farag on percussion, Joel on keys. "Praise You" teases.
### Jake on bass, Farag, on Bass, Ryan on Bass, Brendan on bass, Joel on key-tar, Kris on drums.
#### Kris on electric, Ryan on electric, Joel on percussion, Farag on drums, Jake on piano, Bayliss on bass
@ Bayliss and Joel on keyboards Kris on drums, Farag on percussion, Jake on moog, Ryan on iPhone
@@ Mike Mirro on drums, original line-up. No Jake or Kris.
@@@ Mike Mirro on percussion, all of Umphrey's.
+Bluegrass style
++ Rush cover, with South Park video intro
+++ mash-up

[setlist source: @jeffersonwaful]

Set Times [cst]
Q1 ~ 8:09 - 9:06
Q2 ~ 9:23 - 10:09
Q3 ~ 10:32 - 11:36
Q4 ~ 11:54 - 12:47
OT ~ 12:51 - 12:57

Show was streamed live on

First Quarter setlist was chosen live by fan voting via text message, the results were tallied in real time in front of the audience and the band.

Second Quarter was a S2 event. The band played a full set of improvisation based exclusively on themes, ideas, scenes, and concepts presented by fans in real-time. Entries were submitted via text message and the best of the best were added to the playbook and displayed in front of audience and band.

Third Quarter was called "Special Teams" and consisted of constantly evolving line-ups; solos, duos, trios, and quartets.
Fourth Quarter was "All Request Quarter" ticket buyers received ballots prior to event to vote for the songs they'd most like to hear. Write-in votes were also considered.



Setlist etc: Furthur 4.2.11 Charleston Coliseum ~ Charleston, SC

photo via @furthurband

Set One: Playin' In The Band, Alabama Getaway, Dire Wolf, Big Bad Blues > Cumberland Blues, Deep Elem Blues, Magnolia Mountain > Jack Straw

Set Two: Lost Sailor > Saint of Circumstance, No More Do I, Because > New Potato Caboose, St Stephen > Spanish Jam, Mountain Song > Help On The Way > Slipknot! > Franklin's Tower

Encore: When I Paint My Masterpiece, Revolution

[setlist source: @furthurband]

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Video: Phish 9.14.99 BSU Pavilion ~ Boise, ID [partial playlist]

Video playlist includes Peaches En Regalia, AC/DC Bag, Down with Disease and Gumbo from Phish's legendary Boise gig on the '99 Fall Tour.


UM BOWL II Webcast Tonight via iClips


Unable to make it in to Chi-town for UMBowl II tonight? iClips and Umphrey's have teamed up to offer a couch tour version of the big event. A live video webcast will be available tonight to stream on iClips for for only $11.99. Included with your purchase is UM's previously unreleased 5/29 set from Summer Camp 2010 on demand. Viewers will not be able to submit votes or text messages, but the webcast will allow you to catch all four quarters (plus overtime) in the comfort of your own home.

After catching last year's inaugural UMBowl event at Sullivan Hall, we take in all the action from the sidelines (the couch) for this year's game. Look for a plethora of updates via Oh Kee Pah's twitter feed and be sure to check out's preview for this evening's event.


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