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OKP Giveaway: Live Phish Limited Release CD 10/30/10 Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, NJ


Update: Congrats to Rome Wager and thanks everyone for playing!

As previously reported, in stores next Tuesday, April 12th, Jemp Records will be releasing two new LivePhish Limited CDs from Fall Tour 2010 (10/26/10 & 10/30/10). As with the last two batches of releases, a limited number of CD's will be pressed and made available at select music stores nationwide, as well as Phish Dry Goods and iTunes.

We are extremely pleased to be giving away one copy of Phish's October 30th, 2010 performance from Atlantic City's Boardwalk Hall. To enter please send an email to telling us what show you are most excited about on Phish's upcoming summer tour. The contest closes Monday April 11th at 4:20 pm. One entry per person. Winner will be decided by

Additionally,  please enjoy the following audio samples below from the upcoming releases:

Phish: "Makisupa Policeman>Nght Nurse>Makisupa Policeman" 10.26.10 VW Arena ~ Manchester, NH

On Tuesday October 26, 2010, Phish played their first Granite State show in sixteen years at Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, New Hampshire. The VZW Arena is a multi-purpose arena built in 2001 with a capacity of about 10,000. A drive through the foliage was but one of the peak attractions of this out-of-the-way gig. It was the last show before the Halloween run and the band played a loose, relaxed show chock full of surprises for the New England faithful.

Set one of Manchester began with Phish’s first “After Midnight” since the epic Big Cypress Millennium events nearly eleven years earlier. “The Sloth” came next followed by “Alumni Blues” > “Letter To Jimmy Page” > “Alumni Blues”, during which Trey added lyrics about his Alma matter Goddard College. An especially Rasta, New Hampshire reggae extravaganza began to take shape with Bob Marley’s “Mellow Mood”. “Access Me” was played for the third time ever, continuing the string of bust-outs and setting the stage for Leo to shine on “Llama”. Next came “All Of These Dreams” – a poignant Trey, Tom Marshall, Scott Herman ballad that was played for just the second time since the band’s 2009 reunion. “The Curtain With” > “Scent Of A Mule” brought the first improvisational heights of the evening, followed by “A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing”. Set one came to a close with the ambitious combination of “It’s Ice” > “Walls Of The Cave”. After this parade of rarities, set break was abuzz with speculation about the rest of the show.

A nearly seamless second set began with the high energy of “Possum” > “Light” > “Mike’s Song” > “Simple”. “Light” exploded into some of the show’s most exploratory playing. Energy remained high and consciousness higher as the utterance of “Makisupa Policeman” gave way to Phish’s first and only performance of “Night Nurse” – a tribute to Gregory Isaacs who passed away the previous day. Makisupa picked back up where it left off, creating a bridge to “The Wedge” after which the band paused for the only time during set two. “Ghost” came next and lit up the room before segueing into “The Mango Song”, which reached its own heights fueled by Page’s soaring piano work. Trey started to close Mike’s Groove by transposing the “Weekapaug Groove” rhythm over Mango’s ending. Some cool jamming ensued as Fish switched to sixteenth notes on the high hat and “Weekapaug Groove” developed into a Uticular jam that found lyrics from “Ghost” and “Night Nurse” intertwined with a “Can’t You Hear Me Knocking” ending. This crazy Weekapaug boiled over into a return to “Llama” that ended the body of set two. The “Show Of Life” provided a fitting encore to this special gig. - Kevin Shapiro

Phish "Wolfman's Brother > Undermind" 10.30.10 Boardwalk Hall ~ Atlantic City, NJ

On Saturday, October 30, 2010, Phish played the second show of a sold out three-night Halloween celebration at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Boardwalk Hall is a historic indoor venue built in 1927 with a prime spot on the Boardwalk with sweeping views of the beach and ocean. Having prepared to unveil their sixth “musical costume” (Little Feat’s Waiting For Columbus) the following night, the band used this middle show to tease the audience about a heavily rumored Led Zeppelin cover.

Night two at Boardwalk Hall opened with “Kill Devil Falls” followed by “Cavern”, “Foam” and “Guelah Papyrus”. It was apparent that the band had begun their Halloween transformation as they sounded throughout this show like Little Feat playing Phish music – a sonic treat for all in attendance even though the musical costume was still a well-guarded secret. Set one continued with a blistering “Chalk Dust Torture” that tore naturally into Phish’s first true performance of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” > “Chalk Dust Torture”. The band had soundchecked “Whole Lotta Love” earlier to fuel the gag (fans leaked the check on the internet) so playing it live confirmed that Zeppelin was just a rumor. Laughing aloud at their prank, the next song was the obvious yet rare “Ha Ha Ha”. The James Gang’s “Walk Away” came next followed by a crushingly funky, Feat-inflected sequence of “Wolfman’s Brother” > “Undermind” > “Bathtub Gin”. This intense three-song combo set up the chance to end Gin with one of many “Whole Lotta Love” teases that dotted the evening. “The Squirming Coil” gave Trey the clever opportunity to sing about seeing Satan on the beach, and Page an invitation to layer Led Zeppelin’s “Thank You” into his gorgeous piano outrĂ©.

Set two began with “Tube” > “Possum”, the latter weaving through more “Whole Lotta Love” teases before setting up the centerpiece of the set – a “Tweezer”-based journey through Led Zeppelin’s greatest hits by Phish- turned-Feat. This supercharged, historic “Tweezer” rolled in and out of partial performances of “Heartbreaker”, “Ramble On”, “Thank You” and last but not least “Stairway To Heaven”. Three of the four Zeppelin songs were Phish debuts and, after the Stairway ending, the band proudly took their first pause of the set while the audience went haywire. “Halley’s Comet” > “2001” provided a nice passageway to “David Bowie”, which introduction Trey customized by spiking it with Robert Plant’s live “25, 25, 25” exhortations from “Dazed And Confused”. “Show Of Life” was next, followed by “Backwards Down The Number Line” > Good Times, Bad Times”. The encore was “Sleeping Monkey”, which gave Trey a chance to sing more about the shore before ripping the roof off with “Tweezer Reprise”. The Reprise included more “Whole Lotta Love” and “Dazed And Confused” tricks and treats, putting the final touches on a spectacular Halloween Eve. -Kevin Shapiro


Daily Audio: Playlist - Best of Grateful Dead 4/5-6/89 Crisler Arena ~ Ann Arbor, MI [compilation]


Feel Like A Stranger >
Franklin's Tower 
Dupree's Diamond Blues >
U.S. Blues
Terrapin Station
The Mighty Quinn >
Althea >
Scarlet Begonias >
Fire On The Mountain >
Playin Jam >
The Other One > 
Wharf Rat

Compiled by: Reddy Kilowatt
Total run time: 1:46:07
Source: Aud > Nak 300 shotguns > WMD-6 > mac [Taped by: John Bleich]


Video: Furthur w/ Al Schnier & Clarence Clemons "Little Red Rooster" 4.6.11 Mizner Park ~ Boca Raton, FL


Video: Furthur w/ Al Schnier & Clarence Clemons "Lovelight" 4.6.11 Mizner Park ~ Boca Raton, FL


Furthur 2011 Setlist Archive


10.8.11 Monterey County Fairgrounds ~ Monterey, CA
10.7.11 Monterey County Fairgrounds ~ Monterey, CA
10.6.11 The Greek Theatre ~ Los Angelas, CA
10.5.11 The Greek Theatre ~ Los Angelas, CA
10.4.11 The Joint ~ Las Vegas, NV
10.2.11 Red Rocks ~ Morrison, CO
10.1.11 Red Rocks ~ Morrison, CO
9.30.11 Red Rocks ~ Morrison, CO
9.28.11 Maverick Center ~ West Valley, UT
9.27.11 Adams Center ~ Missoula, MT
9.25.11 Cuthbert Amphiteater ~ Eugene, OR
9.24.11 Cuthbert Amphiteater ~ Eugene, OR
9.23.11 Cuthbert Amphiteater ~ Eugene, OR

7.31.11 VZW Amphitheatre ~ Alpharetta, GA
7.30.11 St. Augustine Amphitheatre ~ St. Augustine, FL
7.29.11 Charter Amphitheater ~ Simpsonville, SC
7.28.11 Raleigh Amphitheater ~ Raleigh, NC
7.26.11 Marvin Sands Performing Arts Center ~ Canandaigua, NY
7.24.11 PNC Bank Arts Center ~ Holmdel, NJ
7.23.11 Mann Music Center ~ PHILadelphia, PA
7.22.11 Gathering of the Vibes ~ Bridgeport, CT
7.21.11 Great Woods ~ Mansfield, MA
7.19.11 SPAC ~ Saratoga Springs, NY
7.17.11 Jones Beach Amphitheater ~ Wantagh, NY
7.16.11 Bethel Woods ~ Bethel, NY
7.15.11 All Good Music Festival ~ Masonton, WV






Phish "Live In Utica" Box Set


Confirming the news our friends at Hidden Track tipped us to weeks ago, the details of Phish's latest DVD release have been revealed. The 2-DVD/2-CD Box Set captures Phish's 2010 Fall Tour stand-out gig from Utica, NY's Utica Memroial Auditorium on October 20th, 2010. Highlights include the instantly historic first set "Guyute > Bowie > Wilson" segment and the second set cosmic "Melt > Have Mercy > Piper > Melt". "Live in Utica" will be released May 24th, 2011 and is available for pre-order now via Phish Dry Goods.

Those who pre-order "Live In Utica" from Phish Dry Goods will receive "Phish: I-90s", featuring cherry picked highlights from shows along New York's I-90 Thruway. "Phish: I-90s" (compiled by Phish Archivist Kevin Shapiro) features archival goodies dating back as early as 1991. Including the exploratory 5/9/92 "Tweezer", recorded from an airplane hanger in Syracuse, NY, 7/15/93's soulful performance of "Lifeboy" recorded from the Cayuga County Fairgrounds in Weedsport, NY and the Zeppelin flavored 8/12/98 Vernon Downs "Slave to the Traffic Light".

Official details via
On October 20th, 2010, Phish played their first ever show in Utica, NY in the heart of the Mohawk Valley. Utica Memorial Auditorium is a hockey arena with a capacity of only about 5,500 and a design very similar to another round room and favorite Empire State Phish venue, Madison Square Garden. On May 17th, 2011, Phish will release "Live In Utica", a brand-new 2-DVD/2-CD Box Set from their October Utica show. It is available for pre-order now at Phish Dry Goods.

Utica was the smallest venue on Phish's fall tour and the atmosphere was charged with electricity. One clever fan even went so far as to craft a "Guyutica" sign that no doubt helped shape the night's events. "Live In Utica" presents three hours of Phish in an intimate venue with an inspired audience that returned the energy at every turn. A new camera mounted at the front-of-house position accentuated the light show in a way never before featured on a live, indoor Phish DVD.

"Live In Utica" features the complete October 20th, 2010 performance on 2-DVDs and 2-CDs. The nearly three hours of music in this DVD/CD set was recorded with 64 channels of digital multi-track and mixed and mastered, appearing on the DVDs in 5.1 Dolby surround and full-resolution, uncompressed PCM stereo. The video was shot with 8 cameras (16:9 widescreen), recorded and post-edited in High Definition.

If you order "Live In Utica"from Phish Dry Goods, you'll receive "Phish: I-90s", a free bonus CD compilation featuring archival material from as early as nineteen years before the "Live In Utica" DVD/CD release (compiled by Phish Archivist Kevin Shapiro). This collection of highlights follows the band along the I-90 New York Thruway as they honed their skills in drummer Jon Fishman's home state, recalling highlights from some of the region's many great Phish shows in the 90s. This bonus CD will be included in all Phish Dry Goods orders of "Live In Utica" while supplies last.

In addition, we're offering FREE SHIPPING at Phish Dry Goods on all orders over $70, which can be applied to the new "Live In Utica" DVD.

Complete tracklisting for "Live In Utica" and "Phish I-90s" Bonus CD:

DVD Disc I
1. My Soul (6:04)
2. Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan (5:29)
3. Vultures (8:29)
4. Wolfman’s Brother > (9:05)
5. Cities > (5:01)
6. Guyute (10:30)
7. David Bowie (14:13)
8. Wilson > (4:05)
9. McGrupp And The Watchful Hosemasters > (8:03)
10. Saw It Again > (6:39)
11. Run Like An Antelope (12:53)

1. Drowned > (8:55)
2. Sand > (10:14)
3. Theme From The Bottom > (8:03)
4. Axilla > (3:30)
5. Birds Of A Feather (6:55)
6. Tela > (6:48)
7. Split Open And Melt > (7:32)
8. Have Mercy > (3:54)
9. Utica Jam >
11. Split Open And Melt > (1:55)
12. Slave To The Traffic Light (12:10)
13. Good Times, Bad Times (8:00)

CD Disc I
1. Vultures (9:04)
2. Wolfman’s Brother > (8:58)
3. Cities > (5:01)
4. Guyute (10:30)
5. David Bowie (14:13)
6. Wilson > (4:05)
7. McGrupp And The Watchful Hosemasters > (8:03)
8. Saw It Again > (6:39)
9. Run Like An Antelope (12:46)

CD Disc II
1. Drowned > (8:28)
2. Sand > (10:14)
3. Theme From The Bottom >
4. Axilla > (3:30)
5. Birds Of A Feather (6:55)
6. Split Open And Melt > (7:23)
7. Have Mercy > (3:54)
8. Utica Jam > (2:35)
9. Piper > (9:04)
10. Split Open And Melt > (1:55)
11. Slave To The Traffic Light (11:13)

“I-90s Phish” Tracklisting
1. Brother > (5/17/92 Achilles Rink, Union College – Schenectady, NY) 6:43
2. Possum (5/17/92 Achilles Rink, Union College – Schenectady, NY) 14:12
3. Faht (7/15/93 Cayuga County Fairgrounds – Weedsport, NY) 2:55
4. Tweezer (5/9/92 Syracuse Armory – Syracuse, NY) 14:12
5. Lifeboy (7/15/93 Cayuga County Fairgrounds – Weedsport, NY) 7:29
6. David Bowie (11/4/94 Onondaga War Memorial Auditorium – Syracuse, NY) 15:15
7. Slave To The Traffic Light (8/12/98 Vernon Downs – Vernon, NY) 11:47
8. Daniel Saw The Stone (7/15/93 Cayuga County Fairgrounds – Weedsport, NY) 3:54

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