Monday, May 16, 2011

Daily Audio: Phish "Twist > Slave To The Traffic Light" 7.4.00 E Centre ~ Camden, NJ


Over the weekend, Endless Boundaries radio host, Jason Varga, offered up this silky SBD recording of  Twist > Slave to the Traffic Light on twitter.  According to Jay, it's an upcoming track from a Phish  summer compilation scheduled to be released at the end of this week via LivePhish. Very similar to last year's collection of SBD tracks that were released in various ways around the interweb, visit Hidden Track for track-listing and linkage to last year's Past Summer Compilation Vol. 1 as well as some words on Saturday's leak. This Twist is gorgeous, I absolutely adore the jam from the 8:40 to 16:30 minute mark, much more interesting than the 6.14.00 Twist made popular by the official Live Phish Vol. 4 release.


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