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Setlist & Media: Phish 6.10.11 Susquehanna Bank Center ~ Camden, NJ

photo via @mikegordon

Set One: Rocky Top, Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove, Stash, Tube > Guyute, Guelah Papyrus, Scent of a Mule, Cavern, The Sloth, The Curtain With

Set Two: Down with Disease, Free > Possum, Big Black Furry Creature From Mars, Swept Away > Steep > David Bowie, Julius, Golgi Apparatus > Fluffhead > Joy

Encore: Bold as Love

Trey teased the "Theme from Rocky" before Rocky Top and "Pop Goes the Weasel" before Down With Disease.

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Hidden Track: The Skinny
Mr. Miner: An Odd Night In Jersey Two Cents On Camden
Dog Gone Blog: A Different Phish in Camden One Night Only in Camden for Phish
Hidden Track: Review
Coventry Music: Struggle, Fight, Joy and a Wook Kid Losses His Shoes
Online Phish Tour: Camden Was A Turd With a Few Raisins

Phish Facebook [Dave Vann]
Bands that Jam [Nick Irving]

Playlist compiled by YEMblog [Rocky Top, I Am Hydrogen, Tube, Guelah Papyrus, The Sloth, Curtain With, Steep, Golgi, Fluffhead, Bold As Love]
First Set Playlist compiled by OKPblog [source: mkdevo]

Live Phish
DAUD: Schoeps mk41v [Adam Downs]
Previous show: 6.8.11 Darien Lake ~ Darien, NY

The Brendan Bayliss Video Blog

via UM's official band blog; The Floor:

Brendan highlights the most glamourous parts of traveling with a rock and roll band. Filmed over a long weekend in June, Bayliss spotlights the finer points of Wakarusa, The Stone Pony & Mountain Jam Festival.


Video: Phish "What's The Use > Theme From The Bottom" 6.8.11 Darien Lake ~ Darien Center, NY [official]



Type II Episode 23: PNC 2011 [podcast]

This week, I am joined by Adam Scheinberg from, and we review Phish’s 2 night run at PNC Banks Arts Center in Holmdel, NJ. This is Phish’s first return to my hometown venue in just about 11 years, and I was uber excited for these 2 shows. Perhaps a little too excited as, by Wednesday evening, I ended up feeling a little short changed. Fortunately, Adam was there Wednesday night as well to help balance out my (at times) jaded opinions. In the grand scheme of things, these 2 shows are still worth a listen, and there were definite highlights, but we doubt they will end up in your tape mp3 rotation.
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Sweetness: A Scoop of Love (on a Sugar Cone) (redux)


Words and photos by Cameron Parker

Sweetness, the Brendan Bayliss-penned instrumental that first appeared as the mid-section of the fan-favorite, Slacker, in July 1999, developed into it's own shortly thereafter; a song that, at least to this listener, beholds a certain indefinable essence of the band. Sadly, over time, Sweetness faded from the setlists, appearing randomly and with an ever-decreasing regularity. A modest resident on the difficult to locate LP 'One Fat Sucka', this majestic little opus named in honor of late Chicago Bears running back Walter Payton has brought much gladness and revelation to many an audience throughout the years. After some puzzlement, I telephoned Sweetness a while back, hoping to gain insight into her rather enigmatic presence; and if she, at the age of 12, still yearns for the spotlight.

Telephone: (Riiiiiiiiinnnnnnggggggg!)
Sweetness: Yes, hello?
Lackman: Sweetness??
Sweetness: Gabe?!?
Lackman: So glad to catch you! Do you have a second?
Sweetness: lol (sigh)... Sure. Apparently I have all summer!
Lackman: (chuckles) Yeah, well that's sort of why I called. What's goin' on, whatcha been up to?
Sweetness: Oh, you know, Rock and Roll.
Lackman: I don't follow you..
Sweetness: Well, that's exactly it... These kids love their progressive untz-metal and apparently there isn't much need for old fluff like me anymore.
Lackman: That's bull roar.. utter hogwash! I recall many polls and surveys where the voters ultimately chose you over Glory (an extremely popular instrumental, very heavy in the rotation) and figured for sure we'd see you around more.
Sweetness: Gabe, you know the polls don't mean a thing in this day and age. Plus the drummer and I don't get along.
Lackman: I know, but was hoping. I'd like to think the band kept an eye on such things.
Sweetness: Of course they do, and I do occasionally get penned onto the playlist, but am usually bumped for some reason or another.
Lackman: What's the problem?
Sweetness: I don't exactly know, I guess it's just "out with the old, out with the old." Maybe the energy doesn't fit. (drags on a cigarette)
Lackman: Bummer, I thought that maybe it was you that had enough!
Sweetness: Nah, I mean, I loved the longer vacations at first but honestly now I'd just like to get back on the grid. I won't lie to ya - it was a blast getting in there between Sociable Jimmy and Dump City in Austin a few years back. Days of old stuff there-boy.. Days of yore. (drifts and dreams)
Lackman: I could lobby for you, uh... petitions.. talk to the man in charge... maybe sacrifice a virg --
Sweetness: Gabe, please relax, it'll happen naturally if it's gonna happen at all. I'm actually trying to get a regular gig at the end of 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover! (big chuckles)
Lackman: (still chuckling) Yeah, you're right, I've just been thinking about it lately and am sad there's not much I can do at this point.
Sweetness: Sweetie, I do appreciate that, but as you know, these things can't be forced.
Lackman: I could put up a big banner at Red Rocks..
Sweetness: You could do that!
Lackman: I could do that.
Sweetness: Anyway, thanks so much for caring. I gotta run - I have an appointment downtown this afternoon. I'm trying to get my last name changed to 'Stewart'. Maybe we can do lunch sometime.
Lackman: Well I was thinking breakfast actually..
Sweetness: Breakfast. Sure, breakfast works..
Lackman: Then breakfast it shall be. Should I call you? Or just nudge you?
Sweetness: (blushing) Oh, Gabe, you..
Lackman: Soon, baby. Soon.
Telephone: (click)


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