Friday, July 1, 2011

Setlist & Media: Phish 7.1.11 Watkins Glen International ~ Watkins Glen, NY

photo by Dave Vann [Phish Facebook]

Set One: Possum[9:04], Peaches En Regalia[3:21], The Moma Dance[11:00], Torn & Frayed[6:47] > NICU[4:52] > Bathtub Gin[11:26], Life On Mars?[3:15], My Friend My Friend[5:41], Wolfman's Brother[11:41], Roses Are Free[5:14] > Funky Bitch[6:59], Quinn the Eskimo[8:54]

Set Two: Jam[3:56] > Crosseyed and Painless[12:54] -> Chalkdust Torture[8:11], Sand[9:59] > The Wedge[6:23], Mike's Song[7:28] > Simple[14:15]^ > Bug[9:53] > The Horse[1:01] > Silent in the Morning[5:13] > Weekapaug Groove[6:49], Joy[6:05], Character Zero[8:52]

Encore: Show of Life[7:22]

This was the first of the three-show SuperBall IX festival.
^Third Stone from the Stone [Hendrix] teases.

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Hidden Track: The Skinny
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Mr. Miner: Superballin'
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Bands the Jam
Hidden Track
Phish and The Dead

Life on Mars?
Simple > Big [official Phish vimeo]

Live Phish
DAUD: DPA 4023>Sonosax SX-M2>Sound Devices 722

Previous show: 6/19/11 Ntelos Pavilion at Harbor Center ~ Portsmouth, VA

Trey Anastasio - The Believer Interview


THE BELIEVER: Someone might think it’s a horrible show and another person could think it’s a great show.

TREY ANTIPASTO: Today what I do is—I do this every night we play—I have a little quiet moment where I picture some guy having a fight with his girlfriend, getting into his car—the battery’s dead—then he gets to the parking lot and it’s full. Meets up with his friends. Comes into the show. I try to picture this one person having their own experience, and I picture them way in the back of the room. And I try to remember how insignificant my experience is, and how people’s experiences with music are their own thing. We put it out there, and if it’s of service to someone, great, but I try to get away from the idea that it’s even starting from us. And when you do that listening-exercise stuff, when I actually get into a moment where I’m only listening, I find that the music gets so much… beyond us. And I can tell that from the reaction I hear from the audience. It always feels more resonant if I can get my hands off it. If all four of us were here, they’d all be saying the same thing. It’s great as long as you listen to anybody but yourself. Anything but yourself.

Interview by Ross Simonini, published in The Believer [July/August 2011]

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