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Setlist & Media: Phish 7.3.11 Watkins Glen International ~ Watkins Glen, NY

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Set One: Soul Shakedown Party[3:21], AC/DC Bag[6:42], The Curtain[6:32] > Col. Forbin's Ascent[5:55] -> Narration[5:48] > Fly Famous Mockingbird[6:50] > Destiny Unbound[6:55] > Big Black Furry Creature From Mars^[3:37] > Wilson[7:29] > Mound[7:59], A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing[10:23], Time Loves A Hero[4:34], Reba^^[15:11] > Bowie[13:03]

Set Two: Big Balls^^^[3:05] > Down With Disease^^^^[13:07] > No Quarter[9:27] > Party Time[7:58], Ghost[8:34] > Gotta Jiboo[8:43] > Light [12:41], Waves [11:07] > What's the Use[4:59], Meatstick[6:14] > Stealing Time From The Faulty Plan[7:23], The Star Spangled Banner[5:20]

Encore: First Tube[7:42]

^Leave It To Beaver teases from Mike
^^Dave's Energy Guide teases.
^^^Phish debut, AC/DC.

This show was the third of the three-show Super Ball IX festival. The Curtain was played for the first time since September 9, 2000 (202 shows). The narration preceding Mockingbird, (the first since September 30, 2000 (188 shows)), referenced the previous night's fourth set Storage Jam and explained that all of SBIX was merely a mental projection of a reality that the band created in 1988 on their way to Colorado. Mike teased the theme from Leave it to Beaver during BBFCFM. Reba contained Dave's Energy Guide teases. The setbreak featured All-American themed music. This show featured the Phish debut of Big Balls. Disease was unfinished. Meatstick included Japanese lyrics. Before the encore, Trey thanked each of the crew, management and artists who helped make Super Ball IX happen. First Tube was followed by fireworks.

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Hidden Track: The Skinny
Online Phish Tour: Phish Closes Super Ball IX On A Strong Note Phish Shares "Big Balls" As Festival Concludes Blog: Out of Storage
Unplugged Musings: Super Ball IX in Review - Day 3

A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing
Big Balls

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Bands that Jam
Phish and The Dead

Live Phish 

Previous show: 7.3.11 Watkins Glen International ~ Watkins Glen, NY [Secret Set]


Video: Phish "Harpua > Champagne Supernova > Harpua" 12.29.96 The Spectrum ~ Philadelphia, PA

Setlist: Umphrey's McGee 7.2.11 Crossroads ~ Kansas City, MO


Set One: Umbowl II Intro > Ocean Billy > Partyin Peeps, Uncle Wally > White Mans Moccasins, Steppin Razor > Jimmy Stewart > KaBump > 40's Theme

Set Two: Preamble > Mantis > Mulches Odyssey, End of The Road, Higgins > Jimmy Stewart^ > Higgins, 1348, Much Obliged > Peg, Hourglass > Mantis

Encore: Prowler> Ocean Billy

^with lyrics.

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Setlist & Media: Phish 7.3.11 Watkins Glen International ~ Watkins Glen, NY [Secret Set]

photo via @bunnyradio

One Set: Jam^ > Sleeping Monkey

^Jam themes tweeted by myself during the live broadcast: Pink Floydish Meddle > Soundcheck Jam > Fire on the Mountain on Ether > X-Files Jam > Dark Star territory > Siket Disc Territory > Soaring Jam > Bob Barker Pacemaker Jam > Atari Jam

Media: Blog: A brief description of the 4th Set

15 minute clip from the start
Sleeping Monkey

Previous Show: 7.2.11 Watkins Glen International ~ Watkins Glen, NY


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